Tonight’s Webcast: Cut Your Mortgage by 50% Without Short Sales or Loan Mods, Avoid Foreclosure & Still Keep Your Home!

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On Tonight’s Economic Survival Tactics Webcast on Tuesday, October 26th at 7PM with Stefan Kasian and Special Guest, learn how to restructure your mortgage below today’s market value and still keep your house! This is not a short sale or a loan modification. This webinar features the principals of an incredible mastermind Bill Gatten. His group is based in California and claims over 100 successful cases and growing. On this informative call, he will explain step-by-step how you can get better-than-short-sale results with your home or investment properties and still keep the house! Here is how he describes it…

“18 Million homeowners are “upside down” Meaning they owe more on their property than what it’s worth. Now there is a solution which most homeowners can qualify for. There are no legal hassles, no complex calculations, no loan modifications or short sale hassles, no government bureaucracy paperwork. It’s not credit score driven, therefore, it doesn’t matter if you’re in bankruptcy, have judgments against you, or you’re currently in foreclosure. Your up-side down Mortgage is restructured down to what the current market value is WITHOUT YOU EVER BEING OFF TITLE.”

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Here’s how it works: We restructure your existing over-valued mortgage and replace it with a new lien in your favor for the property’s true current market value (as determined by a very conservative appraisal). We then ask that you pay us 50% of the new lien amount via a no-qualifying, asset based hard-money loan, which we provide, and the other 50% when you sell or refinance some 3,4 or 5 years down the road. You keep the beginning equity (resulting from the low-ball appraisal) and all of the future appreciation and principal pay-down over the term, if any (i.e., if your loan is not interest-only).

Here’s what this all means: You have now paid off your over-encumbrance and have a new 50% loan payment obligation of probably 1/3rd or 1/4th of what your current payment is/was. It’s like getting a new 100% loan based on today’s value, but with only half the payment and no down payment or credit qualifying…and you keep all the equity between the property’s true value and the conservative (“low-ball”) appraisal that they use (all hard money lenders appraise low). You also keep 100% of any future appreciation, tax benefits, improvements, etc.

Furthermore, if you want to begin making larger payments now or at some time in the future, you can buy out some or all of the remaining 50% equity on a dollar-for-dollar basis anytime you would wish to do so (i.e., no interest). And, too, if you decide to increase your monthly payments at some point, but then later decide you don’t want to make the increased payments anymore, you simply continue paying on the HM loan and discontinue the increased payment amount…without late charges or penalties of any kind for doing so. At the end of the predetermined term of the agreement (likely at the end of the hard money loan term), the property is sold or refinanced (by you) and the lien is paid off and the rest is yours.

A land trust is used for “escrow” purposes so that no party is able to cheat or abuse the other in any way (i.e., from inception, the title is held by Equity Holding Corporation) and the participants are beneficiaries of the trust with their specific percentages of beneficiary interest, which percentages are used as the basis for the division and distribution of net proceeds on sale or upon the owner’s refinance. The land trust also shields the property against other liens and judgments that could be levied against the owner during his/her time of financial duress.

To summarize, here’s what the homeowner gets in a NARS/ITS transaction:

100% of the Continued Use and Occupancy of your home
100% of the income tax write off for interest and property tax
100% financing at the “real”value of the property
100% elimination of the over-encumbrance amount
100% removal of all payment arrearages
100% elimination of late charges and penalties
100% removal of negative credit entries related to the former mortgage
100% of all income derived from renting or leasing the property out during the term
100% of all future appreciation
100% of all equity build-up from principal reduction
100% protection of the property from creditor claims and judgments
100% protection of the property from IRS liens
100% comfort in the knowledge that the homeowners payment is based on only a 50% loan, even though his financing is 100%
100% no prepayment penalties

It just doesn’t get any sweeter than this.”

This is a webcast you can’t afford to miss. Please join us for this webcast that could change your financial life for the better and those you care about. Just imagine how relieved you will feel that you can wrestle any bank-held mortgage under control and turn your mortgage mess into a pile of profit.

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TONIGHT, Tuesday, October 26th at 7PM ET

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There will even be a call in feature if you are not near a computer you can still listen in.


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