Webcast Replay: How to Automate Your Business with Voice Mail & Live Answering Systems

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Eric ShurkeEric Shurke, of Voice Nation, was our special guest speaker on the Business Opportunity Webcast on June 28, 2012. Eric talked about how successful real estate investors leverage automated voice mail systems and live answering specialists to capture leads 24/7 effortlessly so they can “work smarter” and not harder to earn more money.

Eric discussed:

  • Various ways to automate your business with voice mail systems and live operators
  • Why you should offer your potential customers a 24 hour recorded message
  • When to use Google Voice vs a more robust voice mail system
  • What to do when a voice mail system is not enough
  • How to supplement your voice mail system with a live answering service
  • How to get your calls professionally answered 24/7 for as little as $30 a month
  • How you can have a 24 hr recorded message, voice mail system, a 24/7 professional live answering service and have your new leads emailed, texted and/or entered into your web-based lead management system for only $40 a month

Watch the webcast replay now!


As you probably know, most savvy real estate investors and business owners agree that the bulk of their business relies on effective marketing to produce a steady flow of leads. But what happens when you learn to market well and your phone starts ringing at all hours, day or night? What’s next?

The next step is to capture information from those callers so that you can follow-up with them and convert them from “suspects” into real “prospects”. When a potential customer calls, you can have a pre-recorded message that informs them about your business and urges them to leave a brief voice mail message. You can also allow them to press “0” to speak to a live person 24/7 who can capture more useful information rather than just a name, number and brief message. Watch the webcast replay or click here to learn more about Voice Nation!


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