How to Get the Power Out of Your Power of Attorney

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June 26th & July 19th @ 7:00 PM on
Live Webcast: How to Get the POWER
Out of Your Power of Attorney

with Robert Woodruff
On June 26th & July 19th at 7:00 PM ET

Robert WoodruffIf you are serious about your real estate investing success, you need to be sure you are on this live webcast with Robert Woodruff on June 26th and July 19th at 7:00 PM ET.

What Robert is going to show you is a closely guarded secret used by Professional “Seasoned” Real Estate Investors all across the country. “How to Get the Power out of Your Power of Attorney” is a simple, yet brilliant way of tying-up and controlling investment property that Robert is going to share with you.

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Using this strategy will save you tens of thousands of dollars each year acquiring property. It doesn’t matter whether the property is a mobile home, a single family home, land, or commercial property. This strategy gives you every right to a property without ever having to purchase the property yourself conventionally.

Robert says “This is the fastest strategy I’ve ever used to tie up and wholesale investment property. You can earn tens of thousands of dollars virtually overnight by using this strategy to wholesale properties to other investors. I’ve used this strategy to easily gain control of properties and acquire them NO MONEY DOWN for years. I’m sharing this strategy with you on the webcast. I know that once you’ve learned the power of this strategy, you will want to learn more powerful ways of acquiring real estate.”

As an Added Bonus for You: Robert will be going over his Motivated Seller Sheet that he provides to screen callers and how this is one of the most important forms in your arsenal of tools for dealing with sellers. He will explain in depth how to use this form and provide a FREE copy to all the listeners on the webcast.

Robert Woodruff, President of the Charleston REIA, is a real estate investing expert who teaches people how to make money investing by showing them how to quickly and easily identify opportunities in the real estate and personal property markets. Robert retired at 32 years of age with $6,000 dollars in monthly passive income.

Robert is also going to be talking about his upcoming workshop in Atlanta, Tampa and Charleston called “51 Ways to Find Motivated Sellers”. Join us on the webcast to learn more about the event and how you too can too retire early and control property without ownership with Robert’s specialized knowledge.

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