Workshop & Webcast Replay: How to Appeal & Lower Your Property Taxes

Posted on March 24, 2011 by

Lenny OgburnOn March 23, 2011, Lenny Ogburn taught a FREE Workshop and Webinar on “How to Appeal Your Property Taxes & Beat the County!” On this special workshop and webcast, Lenny taught us step-by-step how to appeal our property taxes which could save us hundreds if not thousands of dollars each year on our own home as well as our investment properties. This is a workshop and webinar you definitely want to watch. Thanks for teaching this free workshop Lenny, you did a great job!

Watch Webcast Below…
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  1. atlantareia says:

    Lenny, thanks for the great information. We really appreciate you doing this free tax appeal workshop. It is sure to benefit many people who had no idea that they could appeal and lower their property taxes, much less actually know how to do it. Thanks again!

  2. Frustrated tax payer says:

    I listened to Lenny's webcast the other day. It inspired by the call I went to drop off my PT 50 r form today and here is how it went….

    I went to the Fulton County tax office. The representative that I worked with was not professional. I had 8 forms and she said I could only drop off 5. She said her manager said to only accept 5 forms per person. I asked what I should do with the other 3 forms and she told me to mail them in. I told her that it didn't say in the GA Tax Payer Bill of Rights that I can only drop off 5 forms. I asked her to call the manager. After she called the manager she did take all the forms. However, she said she wouldn't give me a receipt for some forms I was dropping off for a relative and business partner. I again asked her to call her manager and she then gave me the receipts.

    I was asking her questions and she wouldn't reply. She was muttering things under her breath. Not a great experience. I am not sure if she wasn't trained properly or what the story was. Good luck if you go in person.

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