TODAY’S BUSINESS – What tools are you using?

Posted on August 30, 2011 by

Atlanta REIA Small Business GroupIt is not what is used to be… Business today is not what it was years ago in any shape, fashion or form.

When I first started in the business world some years ago – not only did we not have cell phones we did not have faxes, internet, or I shudder to say, an electric typewriter. Everything was done by hand or typewritten on a “standard” typewriter, on “paper”. It was time consuming and a lot of work.

Today we not only have cell phones, but apps; we have faxes and e-mails; internet advertising, social media and instant communication like never before and I believe it is only the beginning.

How do these things change how we do business? Are you taking advantage of what is available to you and your business? Are you being secure in how you send out information and store information?

Are you using any of the following tools? Linkedin; Facebook; Twitter; iContact; ToolBox; QuickBooks, apps on your cell phone; Carbonite or any “cloud storage”.

The Small Business Advisor will touch on these areas at the Small Business Group on Thursday, September 8th 3:30 PM at the 5 Season’s at the Prado, 5600 Roswell Road, Sandy Springs, GA.


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