The iPad: Everything You Need, When You Need It… in One Place

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Pete YoungsDon DerosaCome to the Atlanta REIA Main Meeting on March 7th at the W Hotel Atlanta Perimeter for a SNEAK PREVIEW to find out how the iPad gives you a HUGE competitive advantage and all the confidence you need in your real estate investing business.

Don DeRosa & Pete Youngs on Using the iPad for Real Estate InvestingSee Don DeRosa and Pete Youngs show you how the iPad will totally change the way you do business…saving you countless hours of time, and giving you access to everything you need to run your real estate investing business, wherever you are.

With the simple iPad apps at your fingertips, see how you’ll get a lead, follow up immediately, evaluate the deal and decide whether to go on the appointment. Before your competition has booted up a laptop, found a Wifi Hot Spot, logged in to email and called the seller.  Now that’s competitive advantage.

Be on your way to the seller’s house before your competition has made the first phone call.  With just an address, you can map the prospect house and get a street view of it.  (You know – is it really a precious neighborhood with white picket fences or is it a boarded up no-man’s land?)

Then find comps and get exact directions with its internal GPS, (and see how heavy the traffic right now so you can avoid getting stuck in it). Then decide whether it’s worth your time and effort.  And remember – you can do this from anywhere (not just sitting at your desk with your Internet connection, but in your car, at a restaurant… anywhere.)

Or even better – you may decide that this is NOT an appointment you want to go on.  So you won’t waste your valuable time driving across town to evaluate a house you’ll never buy.

In this sneak preview, you’ll see how to kick your business into high gear! Using Don and Pete’s iPad tools, you’ll have complete confidence that you’re making solid offers to sellers, evaluating .

  • Use Don’s easy-to-use Easy Offer Maker to evaluate the deal – so you know exactly how much you can offer, how much cash you need, and what your profit potential is before you go anywhere.
  • After you use the Easy Offer Maker to pre-evaluate the deal, you’ll use it to negotiate with the seller for you. No more sweating through making an offer that you’re afraid won’t be accepted or will insult the seller. The Easy Offer Maker shows the seller what you can pay and why; it does the explaining, and negotiating, for you.
  • Imagine, you’re driving to the appointment and realize that you’ve never filled out a purchase and sale agreement for this type of purchase (owner finance, short sale, whatever!) No sweat. Just pull over and pull up the video where Don walks you, step-by-step, through exactly how to fill out the purchase and sale agreement, line by line. Right before you walk in the house, and fill out the contract, right on the iPad.
  • Use Pete’s convenient videos and checklists on the iPad to determine what repairs you’ll need to make to the house, so you don’t underestimate what needs to be done to bring the house to sellable or rentable condition. Pete’s easy-to-follow videos and step-by-step checklists ensure that you’ll catch the repairs you need to make – and point them out to the seller as you negotiate.
  • Plus, when you actually DO the repairs, you’ll have Pete’s proven time- and money-saving tips right at your fingertipsright when you need them…showing you exactly how to do repairs yourself, sep-by-step – saving you thousands! That’s cash that goes right to your bottom line.
  • Then, create, save and send contracts (and any other paperwork) immediately, automatically, from your iPad – anywhere you are! No more messing with the copier, the fax machine and the follow-up phone call… and wasting precious time and money!

That’s just a few of the cool things you can do!

And these guys have at dozens more intelligent, confidence-building, time-saving, money-making tools that they’ll share with you.

PLUS, they’ll show you that their complete real estate investing courses, plus hundreds of hours of seminars, boot camps, interviews and other bonuses are all included on the iPad in the iMaster Real Estate for the iPad.

So – you’ll use Don’s video about how to confidently answer all the typical seller objections.

Or use Pete’s proven methods to ensure that your contractors never put liens on your properties.

It’s iMaster Real Estate for the iPad.

And it’s everything you need, when you need it…all in one place.

Come see it LIVE at our Atlanta REIA Main Meeting on March 7th at the W Hotel Atlanta Perimeter! The meeting starts at 5:30 PM. Guest can attend for FREE this month if accompanied by a member! Non-members can attend for $10. Come join us for a very fun and informative evening!



  1. Ernest says:

    Hey Pete & Don,

    I loved your presentation at the Atlanta REIA meeting on Monday March 7th.
    You guys have given clarity, new found boundaries and put real estate investing in a league of your own. I don’t think anyone else has come close to what you guys are doing.


    Near future student/customer

  2. jose says:

    I would love the signature app on my Xoom. Brilliant job. If I didn't already have all your classes, I'd buy this in a minute.

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