Real-World Creative Deal Structuring With Dyches Boddiford & Bill Cook at Atlanta REIA Oct Main Meeting

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“Real-World Creative Deal Structuring”
with Dyches Boddiford & Bill Cook
Two Masters at Creative Deal Structuring
at the Atlanta REIA Main Meeting on Oct 3rd

You meet with a seller.  The seller is VERY motivated and DESPERATE to sell. You’ve been looking for a deal just like this one! Five Questions: Are you sure it’s a good deal? What’s your exit strategy?  What’s the best way to structure the deal?  How are you going to pay for it? Do you know how to use creative deal structuring to make the IMPOSSIBLE deals POSSIBLE?

Dyches Boddiford & Bill Cook at Atlanta REIAOur next Atlanta REIA Main Meeting on October 3rd is like no other!  There’s no hype and no bla-bla-bla!  Come participate as two of the best and most experienced investors in the country, Dyches Boddiford and Bill Cook, use their real-world examples to show how they make the impossible deals possible.

WARNING: This is NOT a sit-on-your-fanny-and-watch-the-show meeting.  We want you to be part of the meeting and help us find the best ways a deal can be structured!


Dyches and Bill will give you the following information about the seller and the seller’s property:

  • A description of the property and its current fair-market value
  • What needs to be rehabbed and the estimated cost of rehab
  • Loans and liens against the property
  • The seller’s situation (i.e. Why do they want/need to sell?)
  • What the seller wants

Next, YOU and the group structure the deal.  After there is agreement about how the group would structure the deal, Dyches and Bill reveal how THEY structured the deal and explain why they structured it the way they did.

Wouldn’t you agree that this meeting is an INCREDIBLE opportunity to climb into the minds of two experienced real estate investors and see how their brains work as they construct win-win deals?  How they not only make the impossible deals possible – but make them PROFITABLE?!!!

And it keeps getting better: Dyches and Bill will also discuss how their deals were financed – and woe unto anyone who dares mention new bank (institutional) financing.  This is your only warning: Mention new bank financing and you will be on the receiving end of Bill’s deadly accurate marshmallow gun – WE’RE NOT KIDDING!!!!


  • Buying at the Foreclosure Auction
  • Buying Bank-owned Property
  • Lonnie Deals
  • Deed for Note Deals
  • Using Private Money Lenders
  • Owner-carryback Financing
  • Buying Discounted Notes from Lenders
  • Options
  • Contract Assignments
  • Subject-to Deals

Come early!  Come ready to learn!  Come with pad and pen!  Come ready to participate!

This real estate investors meeting will be like no other meeting you’ve ever attended.   Your mind will NEVER be able to SHRINK back to its before-the-meeting size!  After this meeting, you’re gonna need a new and bigger hat!  And after this meeting, you’re gonna KNOW WHAT’S POSSIBLE!!!

Atlanta REIA Main Monthly MeetingThe Atlanta REIA Main Monthly Meeting is being held on the October 3rd at 5:30 PM at 5:30 PM at the Atlanta Perimeter Hotel & Suites located at 111 Perimeter Center West (map) in Atlanta across the street from Perimeter Mall. Members and guests can arrive early at 5:00 PM and mingle in the hotel lobby and lounge prior to the Haves and Wants Speed Marketing Session which will begin around 6:15 PM. Free parking is available for members and guests in the parking lot conveniently located behind the hotel. Be sure to bring a pen and paper to take lots of notes, plenty of business cards for networking and flyers for marketing your investment properties for sale.


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