Onsite Renovation Group Meets on November 18th at Noon in Decatur, GA

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Tue, November 18th @ Noon in Decatur, GA
The Onsite Renovation Group
Meets Tuesday, November 18th at NOON
2010 Delphine Drive, Decatur, GA 30032

2010 Delphine Drive, Decatur, GA 30032This month, on Tuesday, November 18th at NOON, the Onsite Group will again meet at 2010 Delphine Drive, Decatur, GA 30032 which is a property that Craftbuilt just purchased a few months ago. In August we saw the house before any work had been done to it and heard about the plans to bring it back to life. In September, the sheetrock had all been gutted out and the new walls were framed. The plans include adding a bedroom and bath on the front of the house where the porch was. The kitchen is being moved from the front of the house to where previously there was a bedroom. We also learned in September that a variance was required before we could proceed with the project. There are hurdles and pitfalls in getting projects permitted and every municipality has their own rules. Aaron has extensive experience with permit issues and will answer questions from the group about the permitting process. Our variance has now been approved. Join us and hear what is involved in getting a variance and the reasons for the requirement.

Onsite Renovation GroupThe Onsite Renovation Group, led by Aaron McGinnis of Craftbuilt Properties, is an educational and networking group that focuses on the acquisition, renovation and retail resale (fix and flip) of single family residential homes inside the I-285 perimeter and the in-town neighborhoods. The purpose of this group is to allow both new and experienced rehabbers and investors to meet, network and share knowledge and experience with “hands on” access to real property. The Onsite Renovation Group meets on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at NOON at an active renovation site, build site or rental property which will vary from month to month. There is currently no charge to attend these meeting.


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