1st SHARK TANK Meets July 2, 2018

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Mon, July 2nd @ 6PM in Sandy Springs, GA
Atlanta Real Estate Investors
Bring Your Deals to Pitch!
Monday, July 2nd, 6PM – Late
Hudson Grille in Sandy Springs, GA

Shark Tank

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Q: Do you want to SELL Your Deals Fast?

A: If you’ve got deals, come join us and bring your deals, business cards and flyers! WE WANT TO BUY THEM! Our Guest Sharks are looking for deals and so are the rest of our meeting attendees. Bring your deals and SELL THEM ON THE SPOT! Also post your deals on our Facebook Groups 24/7/365!

Click here for info on How to Submit Your Deals to the Sharks.

Q: Do you want to BUY More Deals?

A: If so, come join us at the all new SHARK TANK Meeting to find more wholesale deals, more rehab deals, more buy and hold deals and other creative real estate deals! Also find deals on our Facebook Groups.

Q: Do you want to Build Your Buyers List Fast?

A: There’s no better place to build your buyer’s buyers list than in a room full of active real estate investors who are HUNGRY FOR DEALS!

Q: Do you want to build your Sellers List Fast?

A: If you don’t have the time, resources or energy to find your own deals, there’s no better place to build your seller’s list than at a real estate investor meeting designed to give investor sellers the opportunity to pitch their deals to you. Add these sellers to your list and get on their buyer’s list so you have an endless supply of potential deals throughout the month!

Q: Do you have leads you don’t know what to do with and/or how to turn them into a profitable deals?

A: If you’ve got real estate leads you don’t know what to do with, there will be plenty of investors and experts on-hand who would love to work with you to put together profitable deals. Come join us and meet them!

Q: Do you want to find to meet and network with wholesalers, rehabbers, landlords and other like-minded real estate investors?

A: If you’ve discovered that real estate investing can be a lonely business, come join us to meet, greet, network and get to know other like-minded new, intermediate and seasoned real estate investors and other real estate professionals each and every month!

Q: Do you want to meet more real estate pros to help you run, automate and systematize your real estate business?

A: If you want to meet individuals and businesses to help support your real estate investing business such as other investors, real estate agents, closing attorneys, hard money lenders, lead providers, accountants, IRA administrators, software providers, contractors, builders, property managers and many others, be sure to come join us to meet them each and every month!

Q: Are you looking for money or partners to help make your deals happen?

A: If you are looking for hard money, soft money, private money or equity partners to help fund your deals, chances are you will meet several each and every time you attend, so come join us to find the resources you need to make deals happen!

Q: So, what do you have to lose by attending this new meeting?

A: You have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO LOSE and EVERYTHING TO GAIN by attending this new Shark Tanks Meeting on the 1st Monday of every month. And BTW, you can ATTEND AT NO CHARGE. We just request that you patronize the Hudson Grill by ordering food and beverages and tip the wait staff well. Come join us!

Buy – Sell – Trade – Pitch – Network

Atlanta Real Estate Investors SHARK TANKThe Atlanta Real Estate Investors SHARK TANK is new group for active real estate investors who want to get together once a month to buy, sell, trade and pitch deals, network, market, have fun and make deals happen!

If you need to sell a deal or want to find a fix and flip deal or a buy and hold deal, this is the one meeting you don’t want to miss! There will be a vendors trade show, networking, a flyer table, experts on hand, the Shark Tank, deal pitching and more!

The Shark Tank Meeting will be a “Who’s Who” of the local real estate investor market. Come build your buyer’s, your seller’s list and your dream team.

This Month’s Guest Sharks
Guest Sharks Will Change from Month-to-Month.
Let Us Know if You’d Like to be a Guest Shark.
Mike Cherwenka Roger Blankenship Don DeRosa
Mike Cherwenka Roger Blankenship Don DeRosa

The Atlanta SHARK TANK meets on the 1st Monday of each month from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM at Hudson Grille located at 6317 Roswell Rd NE, Sandy Springs, GA (map) just outside the Perimeter. There is NO CHARGE for Atlanta REIA Members and Guests this month!

Build Your Buyer’s List – Build Your Seller’s List
Find Resources – Market Your Business
Pitch Your Deals

WHOLESALERS, BRING YOUR DEALS and pitch them to the Sharks and our to attendees who are ready to put your deals under contract on the spot! Click here for more information on How to Submit Your Deals to the Sharks.

We can only pitch a limited number of deals to the Sharks, so the deals that don’t get pitched to the Sharks can be pitched during the “Rapid Fire, Deal Pitch Fest” after the conclusion of the Shark Tank panel.

Be sure to bring your contracts and plenty of business cards and flyers for our flyer table and enough for anyone who wants one. You can post your properties to our Atlanta Shark Tank Facebook Group as well throughout the month.

INVESTORS, if you’re looking for a deal to purchase to fix and flip or to buy and hold, come prepared to write contracts and put down any necessary earnest money deposits. There will be plenty of deals being pitched to the Sharks and during the “Rapid Fire, Deal Pitch Fest”. If a deal is not already taken, all you have to to is decide if it is a “Deal” or “No Deal” and take action!

VENDORS, Reserve a Vendor Table for as little as $25, come check us out and and come prepared to meet lots of investors who are looking to do business with you. Vendor tables are cocktail tables that are available on a first come, first serve basis. Vendors will be setup in the “Game Room” at the Hudson Grille and be able to do Vendor Commercials in the “Dining Room” during the beginning of the meeting on a first come, first serve basis.


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Eat, Drink, Be Merrry and Make Deals Happen! Shark Tank is a “dinner” group and we kindly request that you buy dinner and/or drinks since the Hudson Grille allows us to take over their space and takes such good care of us. Please tip the wait staff well.

Bring your deals, your business cards, flyers and your haves, wants and needs to the meeting and come network with us!

*SHARK TANK Tenative Agenda
6:00PM – Late: Vendor Trade Show in the Game Room
6:00PM – Late: Networking in the Back Bar, Game Room & Dining Room
6:00PM – Late: Ask the Experts and Network in the Back Bar
6:00PM – 6:30PM: Get a Good Seat in Dining Room and Order Dinner
6:30PM – 6:45PM: Updates & Announcements in Dining Room
6:45PM – 7:15PM: Vendor Commercials in Dining Room
7:15PM – 7:30PM: Networking Break
7:30PM – 8:30PM: Shark Tank Panel in Dining Room
8:30PM – Late: Rapid Fire Deal Pitch Fest in Dining Room & Networking

*Please Note: This Meeting agenda is a work in progress and is subject to change at any time for any reason.

Participating Meeting Vendors & Sponsors
Shark Tank Vendors & Sponsors
Reserve a Vendor Table for as little as $25

Goldmine Properties, Inc.Goldmine Properties, Inc. – As Atlanta’s first full service real estate wholesaler, we offer wholesale property at 65% loan to value, with financing available. Purchase price and repairs are 65% of certified after repaired appraisal. Read More>>

Halperin Lyman, LLCHalperin Lyman, LLC – A transactional real property law firm devoted to providing the full spectrum of non-litigation related real estate legal and consulting services to its clientele. Read More>>

New Western AcquisitionsNew Western Acquisitions – A full service Real Estate Brokerage that specializes in helping investors in acquiring inventory, securing contractors and lenders, as well as aiding in the liquidation of these assets. Read More>>

Networth Realty of Atlanta, LLCNetworth Realty of Atlanta, LLC – A licensed, full-service residential wholesale brokerage that specializes in finding quality wholesale properties and making them available to you. Read More>>

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