Combining Two of the Best RE Investing Strategies Out There to Maximize Your Profit

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One of my mentors once told me the whole world is full of crap. 

I thought it a funny statement at the time, but have come to a place in my life where not only do I believe it, but, unfortunately, have found it to be a true statement.

In today’s day and age, skepticism seems to be at an all-time high.

And for good reason.


But true.

There is so much crap out there it’s hard to decipher what is legitimate and real, and what is not.

That is especially true in our industry.

Many claim to be seasoned experts and gurus, teaching others how to do what they do when they have minimal Real World experience.

Now, I’m not calling anyone out and saying that people can make themselves look like Superman online…… 

Well, I guess I am saying that.

But no names :).

I promised them I would not let their closely guarded secrets out.

You all have seen it at least one “superman” in the gazillion emails you receive daily.

Someone does a deal or sells something and are now “the” bona fide expert.

They understand how to mass-market emails, add a little bit of marketing flair sprinkled on top, and next thing you know are a self-proclaimed “ninja” of whatever it is they are selling.

Let me cut the suspense. That’s not me.

I’m a skeptic at heart.

And I am definitely not a ninja.

So I will do my best not to come across as one of “those” guys.

A little about me, for those of you who do not know me.

I have 22 years of full-time real estate experience. I come from a volume-based background, so I have done a TON of deals. Over 1,500. And counting.

I have specialized in non-traditional real estate my entire life.

I’ve done just about every deal of residential deal there is.

Or at least that’s what I tell people LOL.

But it’s true (for the most part).

I have experienced tremendous success through real estate, at one point owning 654 houses, valued at over $30,000,000.

And I also have experienced the lowest of the lows in real estate, when we lost it all. And I mean it all.

I hate to sound cliché, but I have made a ton of mistakes in my career, and it is through those mistakes that I pioneered, refined, and ultimately perfected the system I will be speaking about at this month’s meeting.

Yes, in case you were wondering, I did receive my PhD from the School of Hard Knocks (as I am sure you were waiting for me to say).

I have flipped over 1,200 homes, and have wholesaled my fair share as well.

Three years ago I started a company with a specific, niche investing strategy, that

wrapped the entire business model around.

The plan also consisted of the ability and intent to copy and paste what we did

locally in other markets around the country.

It is a strategy that, like others out there, does not require any cash or credit.

But it is distinctly different than anything out there. And you will see clearly why.

It’s a strategy that is rooted in creating homeowners.

That is our mission.

This strategy and system achieves that mission.

And we offer step-by-step directions for every single turn.

But, full disclosure, it does take work.

This is not a get-rich-quick scheme.

If you can follow a “copy and paste” set of directions, you can generate a

$10,000 per-deal payday, and, at the same time, help a family

achieve the American Dream of homeownership, all with your help.

I don’t care what anyone says, the American Dream will always be owning your

own home.

It’s just felt so beyond reach for so many after the market meltdown, millions of

Americans do not think they even can.

You either qualify for a traditional bank loan, or you rent.

One or the other.

No real, genuine alternative in-between.

I tell people all the time, we are either crazy, or we are really onto something.

Kidding aside, there’s probably a little merit to both.

We believe our strategy has the ability to change the way a segment of our society

buys and sells homes.

Let me give you a quick snapshot as an example:

Husband and wife are ready to buy a home.

They contact a local realtor.

That Realtor takes them to their in-house finance company.

They generate their “magical” pre-approval letter.

Realtor shows a dozen homes.

Lands on one they like.

They negotiate back and forth, and come to an agreement.

Of course, it is contingent upon successful financing.

But hey, they have their pre-approval letter.

What could possibly go wrong?

If you have any real estate experience, you know that deals fall through because of

financing all the stinkin’ time.

In our market in Jacksonville, Florida, right now over 20% of all deals fall through

at or just before the closing table.

All due to financing.

Here’s the question of the day:

What happens to those people?

The answer in most cases is……drum roll please.


Most times they are discarded in the trash and revert back to renting.

Those are our target buyers.

With our program and platform, we set them up on a concrete path to successful


That is what I will be speaking on at this month’s meeting.

Let me cut to the chase. If you are a flipper or wholesaler, this is a great tool for

your toolbox.

For flippers, I can show you how, by structuring your financing to allow for this

type of buyer to purchase your home, you can add upwards of 30% to your

bottom line.

And it’s a misnomer that you have to wait to get paid.

You get paid when you buy it, and again when the buyer takes occupancy; you get

paid during the 6 to 12 months they require before being able to successfully

qualify with a traditional mortgage.

And you get paid again with a big equity spread in the back-end, when they

get their bank loan.

Plus, selling this way can convert your short-term capital gain into a long-term

capital gain, which can make a HUGE difference.

The buyers are more plentiful, they usually will pay a top-of-market price for the

home, and typically the sales cycle is much shorter.

There are some really big benefits for flippers on what I will be speaking about that

are worth listening to.

It may not change your entire business model, but it could add some significant

profit margin to it.

If you are a wholesaler, how many deals do you throw away based on lack of

equity? Not enough meat on the bone?

Those types of throwaway deals can be captured with our system, and converted

into $10,000 pay days.

You are already generating leads. Why not add this to your business as a catch-all

for leads that don’t work?

Who knows, someday it may even supersede what you are currently generating


If you are a beginner, this system can be learned by following a GPS roadmap.

The bottom line for beginners is this:

If you are willing to put in the time and effort, this system works.


And you get to help people become homeowners, making a small, positive impact

in people’s lives (as a collateral benefit of what we do).

A big one, I might add.

I will be elaborating on all of this at the next meeting.

I am going to show you how we control millions of dollars of premium, Executive

Level Homes, in great areas, without using any of your money or credit, every

single month, and how you can, too.

Best of all, this system generates $10,000 paydays every time.

Regardless of your experience level, I promise you will get takeaways after hearing

this talk.

It’s an honor to be joining you this month, and I’m excited to see you all there.

You won’t be disappointed, I promise!

   All this is happening at the Atlanta REIA Main Meeting on Monday, July 9th from 5PM-9PM at 3125 Presidential Pkwy, Atlanta, GA.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the meeting!


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