Learn How to Buy Ugly Houses and Make Them Pretty Again

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Buying Ugly Houses & Making Them Pretty Again at Rehabbing 101 Workshop

Attention New & “New Again” Real Estate Investors,

Rehabbing 101 WorkshopThis Saturday, July 23rd, is our next installment in the Atlanta REIA 101 Real Estate Investor Training Series where local and national real estate experts teach you the core fundamental strategies and techniques you need to know to successfully invest in many of the different real estate investing profit centers that we all want to learn more about.

Pete YoungsThis Saturday, July 23rd, local and national renovation expert, “Mr Rehab”, Pete Youngs, is teaching the Atlanta REIA Rehabbing 101 Workshop for all those of you interested in buying ugly houses, making them pretty again and selling them for a reasonable profit or holding them for long term cash flow and appreciation. Of all the different types of real estate investing, rehabbing is perhaps one of the most straight forward, easy-to-understand and most emotionally and financially rewarding investment strategies. Anyone can do it with or without a lot of previous experience. The concept is simple…

  • Find and purchase an ugly house in need of repair for far less than market value due to its as-is condition with cash, private money, hard money or credit.
  • Fix up the house keeping the quality of the repairs high and the cost of the repairs low so you can quickly find a new tenant or buyer.
  • Quickly sell or rent your newly renovated property for maximum profit and/or long term cash flow and other benefits.
  • Repeat the process as often as you like.

Join us this weekend to learn how to do this and much more. Register now!

Atlanta REIA Gold Members can register now for ONLY $10, Silver Members for $15 and Guests for $20.

Rehabbing 101 Workshop
July 23rd at 9AM at 1960 Skylar Hill Dr, Ste D, Buford, GA

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