Garland E. Harris

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Garland E. HarrisCEO, Founder of Troptions Corp.

Mr. Harris’ experience lies in building several companies from the ground up, as well as managing their growth and success. Mr. Harris served as President of Garland Property Maintenance, Inc. of St. Louis, where he owned and managed in excess of $3,000,000 in real estate from 1983-87. Mr. Harris also served as Regional Vice-President for National Safety Associates, Inc. from 1987-89, where he grew from an independent representative to managing a national organization of over 1000 sales people.

Mr. Harris has been a visionary in many aspects of Internet marketing and advertising and is extremely knowledgeable regarding the technical aspects of the business, having spent 7 years in the ISP field. Mr. Harris attended Stanford University studying Architecture in 1976 and when the University phased out the Architecture program, he pursued and earned a degree from The Way College of Biblical Research in Indiana and has spent the last 27 years teaching practical Christian principles.

Beyond his theological background, Mr. Harris also has extensive experience in advertising and new media through his previous role as CEO and Founder of, Inc., a public company (now Biznet Group, Inc.) and New Dynamic Marketing, Inc., a company that has filed a registration statement on Form SB-2 with the Commission to make an initial public offering of its stock.

Fast forward to 2018, Mr. Harris realizes that his exhorting each business person that he’d met in the past: “Everyone I know should have a public company” has changed. Now that his understanding of the Block chain and coin market’s potential for the small business owner to prosper, his recognition with a view to the future was challenged. Always the visionary, he believes that TROPTIONS will be in the forefront.


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