Would You Like To Stop Foreclousre, Settle Your Overleveraged Mortgage and Get a Free and Clear House?

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Dear Fellow Real Estate Investor,

Stop ForeclosureDo you know a homeowner who can answer yes to any of these questions:

  • You are at risk of losing your home and other properties
  • You are running out of money to pay your loans
  • Adjustable interest payments increasing soon
  • Have sellers calling you facing foreclosure
  • Short sales too long and frustrating, not big enough discounts
  • Loan Mods not working, still owe too much
  • In over your head and want an easy way of the mess
  • Facing foreclosure? Want a new way to stop it that actually works?

Look, its not your fault. This economy is the result of a deliberately orchestrated financial time bomb. And you are left holding the bag while the elite “banksters” in their corporate jets and yachts are laughing… well… all the way to the bank.

But there is a secret “Achilles heel” to the bankers. It gets them pale as a ghost. Ever heard of Regulation Z? Well, its just one of the amazing laws that let you beat the banks at their own game.

And we on Tuesday July 24, 2012 at 7:00 PM ET, on a special webcast, we will reveal a “secret source” system that at no upfront cost to you, will scan your mortgage documents for violations that turn the tables on the banks:

  • NOT a brain-dead loan mod
  • NOT a frustrating short sale – and why this is WAY more profitable
  • Stop a foreclosure dead in its tracks so the bank won’t touch it
  • Turn high adjustable rates into obscenely low fixed rates
  • Boost your rental income by 150% or more
  • Reduce your first mortgage by 50% or more—or else the Court grants you free and clear title!
  • Keep your properties – stay in control
  • How to sell for a fatter profit than a short sale… if you choose
  • Clean up your mortgage mess. Kick back and watch your future empire grow before your very eyes
  • Best of all, Its super easy all done for you

Stefan KasianTune into for our one-time only jam-packed, hour long webcast on Tuesday July 24, 2012 at 7:00 PM ET, hosted by me, Stafan Kasian to learn all the secrets you need to get access to this exclusive “silver bullet”!

Thanks to the special “insider banking” source I will reveal to you, I turned my properties and my investor client’s properties to mounds of equity and gobs of cash flow — even in this market! And best of all, this is all done for you! And this is not risky, pie-in-the-sky stuff. This is a solid lawful process done every day behind the scenes, special deals being made with banks you won’t hear on the news! And best of all, there is no upfront charge to get started.

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Click here to register for this webcast! Be sure to plug in this date on your calendar and dial in a little early since we only have a limited number of lines. The first 17 who join us will get a special $100.00 or gift. Join us to make your 2012 financial dreams come true! Your economic survival and prosperity depends on this call.


Stefan Kasian

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