What is Massive Action?

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I recently read a book by Grant Cardone called the 10x rule. I am rereading it again now because it made such a strong impact. I highly recommend as soon as you are done reading this article, you buy it immediately. I do not get any kind of credit for it. It’s simply a must read for investors, in particular wholesalers.

Wholesaling is a massive action business. It takes massive action to keep the lead funnel going which is what powers the entire business. In his book, Grant talks about four levels of action to give clarity as to what your goal should be. I paraphrase them below. 

  1. Do Nothing

    These are the people that do just that…nothing. They may buy a course or attend a seminar but ultimately do nothing with the material. And when you do nothing, guess what you are rewarded with? Not nothing, but pain. The reason is you now have added something to your brain to wonder about ‘what could have been had you put in the effort?’ It opens the door to regret.

  2. Retreat

    This is when you look into something and decide you don’t want to work through the challenges out of fear. Excuses surface like ‘It’s too hard. I can’t do it. I could never do that. It takes too long.’ The list of excuses is endless as to why one chooses not to do something. This is not a place to be ever in this business.

  3. Average

    This is the killer of the four. When one takes average action, you seduce yourself into thinking you are working hard when in reality, you are not. One of the biggest problems with average is when something out of the ordinary happens, you are not prepared. And in real estate, these can be very painful and expensive lessons. Serious degrees of stress, hurt and uncertainty almost always come with being average. Average levels are ultimately a ‘retreat’ from what you are capable of.

  4. Massive Action

    This is the state that is actually the one that is ‘normal’ for humans. When we were kids, it was normal to advance and conquer. Boldly. The problem is we were ‘conditioned’ along the way by parents, teachers, adults, whoever to restrain ourselves from what we are capable of. As a result, we are conditioned to be average but in reality, massive action is our most natural state when we are born. Study children. They are massive action takers and when they fail, they don’t spend months, weeks, days or even minutes dwelling on it. They get back up and get going. They are massive action takers.

It is your goal to do everything with massive action as a wholesaler. Anything less and you will likely not succeed in this business. The principle is simple. However, much action you ‘think’ you need to take, multiply it by 10x. If you think you need to talk to 10 sellers, plan on 100. If you think you need to go to 5 meetings, find 50 (online or in person). If you need to talk to 3 agents, plan on 30. If you plan to send 100 mailers, do 1000. Whatever it is, 10x the amount of effort. When you operate at these levels, some level of success is practically unavoidable.

There is nothing ‘average’ about operating at a 10x level. There certainly is no room for Do Nothing or Retreat. 10x levels of action, Massive Action, will push you and at the same time free you to be the person you want to be. A person without limits. One last thought I will share here is that Grant states there is no shortage of Success. It is limitless. The limits are only in your head. If there is no shortage to Success, then what are you waiting for?

I highly recommend you get the book and read it immediately as in right now! Then apply it. Get going and take massive action and watch your goals transform starting today.

Frank IglesiasFrank Iglesias is an active wholesaler, rehabber and landlord in the Atlanta metro area who enjoys creating win-win real estate transactions. Leveraging a mostly virtual staff, Frank has taken working with virtual assistants (VAs) to a high level where they do the majority of the work necessary to run his real estate investing business. As a result, Frank is able to do less while accomplishing more so he has the freedom to spend more time with friends and family and teach others to do the same. Frank is also the leader of the Atlanta Wholesalers Group.

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