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“Plans are nothing; Planning is everything.” ~ Dwight D. Eisenhower

Only by finishing things is the way to learn. Despite this fact of life, I do find myself a bit overwhelmed at times with the various projects I’m planning at any given time. Making two or three phone calls to get a quote about one single project isn’t too much work. When you have three properties that need at least two large or small scale projects to be addressed that consumes at least two days of shopping around, getting in contact with the local businesses.

Homewyse is a site that was pretty much made for a person like me, but anyone who wants a jumping off point to get ballpark figures on home repairs will find this very useful. You don’t have to give up any personal information like a credit card to gain access to quotes in your area, or a property outside of your primary residence. Unlike Angie’s List, you don’t have to become a member to browse. Homewyse is an immediate source where you can get an idea of what things will cost. You don’t have to be specific about your project, I do find it great to look at comparable costs and then call or email local tradespeople to get a better picture. 

The website gathers information from the area based on the zip code. Understand that these numbers aren’t accurate. It is a good place to start planning ahead if you need to allocate a certain amount in your budget to repairs or reconstruction. I’ve noticed that sometimes the site estimates a cost way too high or too low, but no more than a 2k difference. In my own experience, it is smart to allow for some wiggle room when planning a budget for home improvements. You never know if there is a structural issue that can cost you an unexpected price increase. On the flip side, in the process of demolition or reconstruction, one may discover that the previous owner kept up general maintenance and your labor or materials cost will be reduced by this.

Homewyse gives users conservative estimates on the low and high end of the spectrum. Kitchen remodels in Upstate New York could cost as little as 13k or as much as 20k. That same remodel on Long Island could run at least 5k more depending on the resources available. It does collect data based on your location, but it is smart to use this as a jumping off point in your planning efforts.

As I stated before, spending time on this website is a breeze when you want to get a rough estimate. Nothing can replace the one-on-one time with a contractor or craftsman. Homewyse is great to get the ball started and get you motivated. 

When I first started using this site I was skeptical about their estimates. After making time to do my research on local companies, it was obvious that Homewyse made estimates on the low and high end for a reason. It does cover a lot of variables based on your materials and the labor available in your area. You can get more specific in different areas of the website if you want to price materials only or large scale projects as a whole.

The site works on both Android and Apple mobile devices. I easily navigate the site on my iPad and one of my friends found it easy to use on their Kindle Fire as well. It’s a nice tool to have in your arsenal, at least you have a figure in your mind before you start looking at other people’s pricing.

Homewyse isn’t perfect, but it is a good place to begin your planning. Whether it be a new home you decide to reside in or if you are juggling multiple properties (like me), it will take some of the guesswork out of estimates. Using this site will give you a realistic picture of the marketplace for labor and materials.

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