The Illusion of the Destination

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In this article, I want to discuss a simple way to develop peace within, while in the midst of the chaos that many of us live.

We spend our lives thinking that there is some end goal, some place where we can be that will finally bring total happiness. Then to get there we set crazy goals that consume most if not all our time.

You know the saying, “live like no one else today, so you can live like no one else tomorrow” a popular Dave Ramsey quote that is interesting to ponder. There is nothing wrong with dreams, setting goals, and hard work but the illusion that there is some destination, or some sanctuary that will save you is what I’m addressing here. 

There absolutely is no destination. There is only a process. When is a tree finished? Never, the process never stops, it starts as a seed and grows to a big tree for many years, then ages and eventually dies, becomes dirt to enter back into earth then starts all over again.

The tree isn’t saying, “hey squirrels get out of here I don’t have time for you I’m busy trying to grow to be the biggest tree so I can be taller than Jimmy over there”, and it certainly doesn’t spend it’s time worrying about what it doesn’t have and how inadequate or worthless it is.

Imagine if you could talk to a tree. What do you think it would say?

Would it say, “I don’t have time to talk I’m too busy creating more leaves so I can have more than all the trees around here?” Or do you think the tree is easy going, gentle, helpful, and peaceful?

If you bumped into a squirrel who was eagerly picking up acorns, would she be worried about having more acorns than she could possibly store? Not likely, she probably is packing just enough for her and her family to get through the tough times.

The tree knows that it is going to get old, break down and eventually die. It knows that it is part of nature to die and not just from old age.

The squirrel knows that it must survive, she experiences fear and plans ahead, works hard and takes just enough.

The secret to a good life is developing inner peace, clarity, happiness, and joy. Taking advantage of the precious moments in life that are a gift to us every day. The sunshine, oxygen, nature, luxuries of life, friends, family, its truly endless how lucky we are.

Time is your most valuable commodity. Don’t squander your time denying yourself from the happiness that is right in front of you.

Respect the process and most importantly enjoy this journey.

Spend time spreading love, joy, and compassion. Be like a tree, provide for society not take away from it. Give shade, give air, give love.

Money can be taken away, health can be taken away, relationships can be taken away. Spend your time developing serenity within, develop a foundation of independence and contentment, then build upon that.    

“The secret to having everything is knowing that you already do.” ~ Unknown

Jonathan HenrichJonathan Henrich is an entrepreneur, author, speaker and real estate investor who is passionate about mental health and philosophy with a mission to help people live a happy life. His focus is on aiding individuals to overcome depression, anxiety and other obstacles that keep us from being happy.

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