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Did you ever wonder why some people are really wealthy and some people barely live paycheck to paycheck? Did you ever think “Why can’t I be wealthy like them?” What do the wealthy people know that I don’t? “How did they get rich? These are all valid questions, but I would say, the reason why you are or aren’t a wealthy person is entirely between your ears. So what exactly do I mean by that?

It’s simply this. Wealth is based on a state of mind, not on how much education you have, how many hours you work, or who you know. A wealthy mindset is created by believing in who you are, who you want to be and where you want to go. It is said that our thought processes control the person we are and the person we become, and this is so true. I know a lot of people, many of whom are real estate entrepreneurs, who have become extremely wealthy and yet came from backgrounds of poverty and little or no education. 

I myself had the thought instilled in me as a young woman that the best way to get what you wanted was to work long and hard for it. I now understand that this is simply not the case, and I have personally implemented systems into my own life that have made me a wealthy person. I decided to take control of my own destiny and made things happen. This concept, in and of itself, is the greatest difference between a wealthy person and a poor person.

The biggest difference between a wealthy person and a poor person is the way they think about money. The wealthy believe that you must change your perceptions to those of wealth. Those perceptions include commitment, desire and the faith that you will be wealthy. The poor person’s mindset revolves around wondering what is going to happen next and the “poor me” way of thinking. They never take specific steps to change anything about their lives and so they continue to just muddle through aimlessly. They make their decisions by default instead of by making specific choices about their lives.

Wealthy people understand that you attract wealth by believing you will be a wealthy person and by acting on that belief in your daily life. You then must begin to take specific steps to achieve that goal. You truly can create wealth even if you have little or nothing to start with. This has been proven over and over again by millionaires throughout the country, especially the many real estate investors that I work with on a regular basis. You must use leverage in order to build wealth rapidly. And you must be able to overcome any fears you have along the way. You need to make a decision to succeed. You also want to surround yourself with wealthy people.

The decision to succeed and pursue a wealthy lifestyle usually happens to people as a by-product of an evolving dislike for their job, where or how they live, and their dependence on their employer for their livelihood. These people begin to realize that no one would treat them better than if they were their own boss. The decision to succeed is a tough one to make and an even tougher one to stick to because of the commitment level required to be successful at your own business. It also becomes difficult to balance your commitment to wealth, your family, your social life, civic activities and so forth, and for this reason some people will simply give up the pursuit. I found this to be true in my own life, but I also believed that the short term “pain” was well worth the long term goal.

The other reason some people fail in their pursuit is because of the risks involved with being an entrepreneur. It is ingrained into them to “be careful”. A true entrepreneur learns not to take risks; they learn to “manage risk” because there is some risk involved in any business pursuit. But just look at the rewards! The successful entrepreneur is a collector of information. They use that information to make informed decisions which will lead them to wealth.

The successful entrepreneur learns very quickly not to lean on others. When you do this, you become dependent and give yourself excuses not to succeed. You need to become personally independent before you can become financially independent.

Once you begin implementing specific steps to wealth and a plan to financial independence, you will see your assets begin to grow. Your business becomes a means to an end. You will begin to build a sound long term business plan. You will have adequate operating capital, effective operating systems, an effective marketing plan and a capable replacement for the founder. You will begin to see that you have gained financial independence and you then become financially free to pursue whatever dreams and goals you have made for yourself and your loved ones.

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