Atlanta REIA Workshops & Boot Camps

Sat & Sun, March 23rd & 24th in Atlanta, GA
Atlanta REIA Presents the BRAND NEW:
Due Diligence Boot Camp
For Busy Real Estate Investors Who
Want to Know & Understand the Numbers When Making Deals Happen!
A Brand New, 2 Day Boot Camp with Don DeRosa & Dustin Griffin
Sat & Sun, March 23rd & 24th, 9AM–6PM
3125 Presidential Pkwy, Atlanta, GA

Don DeRosaWhen it comes to running a profitable real estate investing business, it’s all about knowing your numbers. If you’re off on your numbers, you may barely break even on a deal or even worse… lose big time!

You’ve probably heard the saying… “You make your money when you buy”. This means YOU MUST KNOW YOUR NUMBERS BEFORE YOU BUY!

So when it comes to knowing your numbers…

  • Do you know how to really determine if you are buying a good deal or not?
  • Do you know if you’re paying too much?
  • Do you know how much profit you’re going to make?
  • Do you know how to do all your due diligence before you buy and what to look for?
  • Do you know how to accurately determine the AS-IS value of an ugly house?
  • Do you know After Repair Value (ARV) of a property for a buy and hold vs a fix and flip (or a high end rehab vs a low end rehab)?
  • Do you know how to accurately determine repairs and estimate repair costs before you buy?
  • Are you totally comfortable using the numbers your buyer or sellers give you when working a deal?
  • Do you know how to quickly run the numbers like a pro?
  • Do you know the other types of due diligence you must do before you ever close on a deal?

If you answered “NO” to any of these questions, unfortunately you may be going to a real life, expensive, school of hard knocks seminar very soon if your not extremely careful!

Dustin GriffinInstead of learning these valuable due diligence skills the hard and expensive way, be sure to attend the upcoming, highly affordable, ALL NEW, Due Diligence Boot Camp with Don DeRosa & Dustin Griffin on Saturday & Sunday, March 23rd & 24th, 2019 from 9AM to 6PM at 3125 Presidential Pkwy, Atlanta, GA.

At this Boot Camp, You will Learn:


  • How to become a transaction engineer
  • How to determine the different types of property values
  • Using different property valuation models
  • Reliable sources of “comparable” information data
  • How to find and run comparables
  • How to decide which comparables to use and which to ignore
  • How to be a problem solver to create win-win deals for everyone
  • How to take a lead and come up with multiple ways to structure the deal
  • How to use your computer or mobile device to do your due diligence
  • How to use state of the art tools to do all your negotiating for you
  • How to overcome all seller objections when buying a house
  • How to know the differences with a property’s rental income and it’s value
  • Determining how much an investor should pay for a property
  • Identifying the target market (buyers) for the property
  • How to utilize public and near public information

Rehab Bus TourDAY 2 + Field Trip

  • How to inspect the property
  • How to determine what kinds of repairs are needed based on your exit strategy
  • How to estimate the costs of repairs based on your exit strategy
  • How to determine if a lead is a deal or no deal
  • Checking title and solving title flaws
  • Pitfalls to Avoid
  • PLUS, we will be taking a field trip to allow you to test your new skills on determining property value, ARV, estimating repairs and your maximum allowable offer on several properties.
  • All this, answers to your questions & so much more!

Sign Up Today and make 2019 your most profitable year ever in real estate investing by knowing how to run your numbers and how to buy right! REGISTER NOW!

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REGISTER NOW WHILE SEATS ARE AVAILABLE for the boot camp and join us at the event! Be sure to bring a light jacket, pen and paper for taking notes, and your computer and/or mobile device.

Don DeRosa is a real estate investor, author, teacher, coach and national speaker. Don has trained thousands of new and experienced investors to build wealth in real estate using the same techniques that helped him build his fortune, particularly buying with owner financing, using private money, creatively structuring deals and selling quickly in any market.

Dustin Griffin is a real estate investor, REIA leader, coach, website developer and marketing enthusiast, who like Don, enjoys teaching his fellow real estate investors how to succeed in real estate investing by using the latest strategies, tactics and tools.

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Sat, Mar 30th in Atlanta, GA
All-Day Saturday Workshop March 30th
2019 Wealth Strategies:
How to Use the “Down” Market to Build Wealth & Income
with Vena Jones-Cox,
“The Real Estate Goddess”
Saturday, March 30th from 9AM-5PM
3125 Presidential Pkwy, Atlanta, GA


Vena Jones-CoxVena Jones-Cox has been a full time real estate investor since 1989. She has bought and sold over 1,000 properties and taught thousands of others all over the US how to become financially free.

On Saturday, March 30th from 9AM to 5PM, Vena will take your money making ability to the next level in this detail-packed, all-day workshop.

Register Now for this 2-For-1 Early Registration Member Special and Reserve Your Seat!

Next-Level Wholesaling
How to Make More Money with Junker Houses

There’s more than one way to make money with those cheap, ugly houses — and if you’re going to do more deals in 2019, knowing them is a real plus.

The big secret to lots of income in real estate is lots of deals, and the big secret to lots of deals is lots of contacts with sellers.

In this session, you’ll learn what your competitors don’t know about marketing (it’s a LOT more than just “send out lots of postcards) and about how to get the highest qualified response rate for the least money. Vena will share exactly how she gets over 50 seller leads each and every week, and how you can, too.

In this Morning Session, you’ll discover:

  • How to Get Motivated Sellers Calling You All Day, Every Day
  • How to attract more buyers to your wholesale deals by financing them (don’t worry, you don’t need your own cash to do that)
  • How to sell your deals for twice the money wholesalers make with the “Repair for Equity” strategy
  • How to flip bank-owned houses EVEN THOUGH they’re “non-assignable”, in theory
  • And more!

How to Get Sellers to Finance Properties for You

Not every seller wants to sell at a cheap, cash price, and not every investor wants to flip every property. Some deals just don’t fit the “wholesale” model — they’re too pretty, or the seller owes too much, or maybe you’d rather just keep them for cash flow forever than take one quick check be done with it.

To maximize the number of deals you get from the leads you get, you need strategies that let you pay more than the average investor — and that’s seller financing terms. That’s why we learn about seller financing: so that we can pay sellers what they want (even when it’s “too much”) and get properties we can hold for long-term wealth and income.

If you’re not doing 4-5 seller financed deals a year, you’re not asking the right questions, and you’re leaving a LOT of deals (not to mention passive income) on the table. Come to this session and learn about zero percent seller financing, buying properties subject to the existing loan, and how to find sellers who will cheerfully let you take over houses with no credit check, no qualifying, and minimal cash investments.

Join us in the afternoon, and find out:

  • How subject to, owner-held mortgages, and other seller financing strategies work, and which to use when
  • How to get the holy grail of seller financing: a no down payment, no interest mortgage
  • How to avoid the biggest mistake investors make: agreeing to pay too much, just because it’s no money down and no qualifying
  • How to use seller financing to create huge wealth and cash flow—and some cash, too
  • Answers to your questions and more!

ALL this money-making info, just $19 for Atlanta REIA Gold Members, $39 for Atlanta REIA Silver Members and $69 for Non-Members. Atlanta REIA Members can even bring a spouse, parent, child or parter who is also an Atlanta REIA Member at no additional charge! Register Now for this 2-For-1 Early Registration Member Special!


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Sat, Feb 23rd in Atlanta, GA
Driving For Dollars
& Door Knocking
A Full Day Real Estate Investor Workshop & Field Trip
with Don DeRosa & Dustin Griffin
Saturday, February 23rd from 8AM-5PM
We Meet at Golden Corral, 3888 Stone Mountain Hwy, Snellville, GA

Don DeRosaAre you tired of waiting for deals to fall in your lap? When you drive neighborhoods looking for properties, do you know what to look for? Does the thought of talking with Sellers face-to-face make you nervous? Do you avoid knocking on doors because you’re afraid you don’t know what to say when someone comes to the door?

These are all very common fears that many beginning investors face when seeking out their first few deals. Learning how to deal with these issues early on can make the difference between your success and failure.

Dustin GriffinIf you would like to overcome common challenges such as these, please be sure to join Don DeRosa and Dustin Griffin for this full day workshop & field trip where you will learn in the class and in the field…

Driving for Dollars

  • How to market your business correctly
  • What things you must have with you at all times
  • What to look for when out and about looking for opportunities
  • How to track down and find the owners of vacant properties
  • How to put a follow up system in place to track every prospect

Door Knocking & Talking with Sellers Face to Face

  • How to overcome your fear of talking to sellers
  • What scripts to use for practicing talking to sellers
  • How to ensure you get invited in the house
  • What marketing material you need to have with you
  • How to handle objections without knowing all the answers
  • What marketing to leave behind if the owner isn’t home
  • All this and more…

Rehab Bus TourFor the field trip, you will be paired up with another classmate and literally go into the field and drive for dollars, door knock and talk to live sellers as well as seeking out and finding vacant properties. If you follow our instructions, you will likely finish the day with several very hot leads.

If talking with sellers is a challenge for you, then you DO NOT want to miss out on this BRAND-NEW TRAINING EVENT we created just for YOU!

There will be lots of hands-on practical applications in this event unlike anything you’ve probably ever seen before. We will immerse you in the real estate investor experience so that you will quickly learn the skills you need to give you the confidence to talk with Sellers like a seasoned PRO.

This event will sell out. RSVP Now to Save Your Spot!

*Workshop & Field Trip Schedule

The class starts at 8AM Sharp at the Golden Corral, 3888 Stone Mountain Hwy, Snellville, GA. Check-in and breakfast starts at 7:30AM. At approximately 10AM, we will break, leave the Golden Corral and go out driving for dollars. We will meet up again for a Late Lunch and Class will resume at 3PM Sharp at Hudson Grille, 6317 Roswell Rd NE, Sandy Springs, GA.

*Please Note: Schedule and location subject to change

Register Now!

*PLEASE NOTE: Tuition price will increase and will be per person after Early Registration Expires. Register now and save! 

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Sat, January 26th, 9AM-6PM – Buford, GA
Marketing Madness
For Real Estate Entrepreneurs
A Full Day Workshop with
Don DeRosa & Dustin Griffin
January 26th, 2019 from 9AM to 6PM
1960 Skylar Hill Dr, Ste D, Buford, GA
Discover Low Cost Strategies & Techniques to Generate All the Motivated Buyer & Seller Leads You Can Handle to Explode Your Real Estate Investing Business!


Don DeRosaWhen it comes to making money as a real estate investor, nothing is more important than the ability to generate high-quality buyer and seller leads. After all, if you have no buyers and sellers to talk to, your skills as a savvy real estate investor never even come into play.

If you are going to be a successful investor, you must be a successful marketer! The good news is, generating motivated buyer and seller leads is pretty easy with a little time, effort, creativity and a reasonable monthly marketing budget.

Dustin GriffinDuring this special, annual Marketing Madness Workshop on Saturday, January 26th from 9AM to 5PM at 1960 Skylar Hill Dr, Ste D, Buford, GA, Don DeRosa and Dustin Griffin will show you those proven, effective, affordable methods you can use for little to no cost to generate waves of valuable leads day after day and month after month to achieve your financial goals.

Learn Low Cost, Low Tech Marketing Tactics to Generate Leads such as:

  • Developing Your Marketing Plan on a Limited Budget
  • Branding Your Business
  • Prospecting for Leads vs. Advertising for Leads
  • Many Different Low Tech, Low Cost Lead Generation Strategies & Techniques
  • Using the Internet, Websites & Online Resources
  • Using Voice Mail Systems
  • Using Live Operators & Virtual Assistants
  • High Tech Marketing Examples

You will also learn:

  • Which traditional marketing methods really work and which are a complete waste of time and money!
  • How to generate all the motivated buyer and seller leads you need to run a successful home buying business without spending a fortune!
  • How to determine exactly how many seller leads you need to achieve your short term cash flow needs and meet your long term financial goals… and then go out and get them!
  • How to triple your current seller response rate by using a proven 2-Step Marketing Technique!
  • The most affordable and most effective direct and mass marketing techniques to reach motivated sellers who need to sell and tenant/buyers who want to buy or rent, regardless of their credit!
  • How to gain instant credibility and establish your company as trusted experts who can solve problems and help prospects buy, rent or sell their home quickly!
  • How to market to the widest possible audience of buyers and sellers even on a shoestring budget!
  • And Much, Much More!

If you’re at all disappointed with the amount of money you’ve been earning in your investing business and are fed up with all the time you’ve been spending trying to figure out how to get more leads and do more deals… then come Join us at the Marketing Madness Workshop and discover what you’re missing.

Here we will teach you how to dominate your local real estate market both offline and online to generate all the motivated buyer and seller leads you need to run a successful home buying business using many free or affordable marketing techniques.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn the marketing skills you need to know to start generating an endless stream of real estate buyer and seller leads for little effort and little expense. Register now before this event sells out!

Register Now!

*PLEASE NOTE: Workshop date, time and location are subject to change. Workshop prices will increase to $29/person for Gold Members, $49/person for Silver Members and $99/person for Non-Members after the Early Registration Special expires.

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Sat, Jan 19th at 8:30AM – Atlanta, GA
Atlanta REIA Presents…
Social Media
Success Academy
For Today’s Active Real Estate Investor
Full Day Workshop with Amy Ransdell
Sat, January 19th from 8:30AM – 6PM
3125 Presidential Pkwy, Atlanta, GA

Amy RansdellTHE NEW YEAR IS UPON US! Is Social Media a Core Part of Your Branding Marketing and Lead Generation Plan for 2019? If Not, It NEEDS to be!

Follow me to the future! It is TIME for you to harness the POWER OF SOCIAL MEDIA!


RESERVE YOUR SPOT for the FULL DAY COMPLETE Social Media Workshop on Saturday, January 19th, 2019 from 8:30AM to 6PM at 3125 Presidential Pkwy, Doraville, GA. with Atlanta REIA!

Watch Video from Amy Ransdell!

Automate Your Social Media Into a Lead Generating Machine

Never before in history have we had a platform that that gives you the ability to establish your brand faster and more cost effectively with greater reach and greater potential to find and convert leads than we do now with social media. The leads that we are trying to connect everyday are spending as much as 2 hours per day on average browsing social media. So, if you aren’t putting your company, your solutions, and your opportunities on social media, then you are missing out on lost money, lost deals, lost time.

Register Now!

Is Social Media Work “For You”?

  • Are you using social media to expand your business?
  • Do you view social media as a waste of time or as the massive market exposure opportunity that it is?
  • Are you consistently using social media but don’t see the reward for all the effort?
  • Are you READY for more lenders, more buyers, more property leads, more deals in your pipeline?


  • Learn how to generate leads automatically 24/7 using social media
  • Set up your social media profiles and business acounts for MAXIMUM exposure
  • See the exponential results you can have making some key changes to how you manage social media
  • Get the checklists you need, from basics to advanced, to take your existing social media effort to the next level
  • Get the tools to start earning money on-line even when you are off-line
  • Learn how create ADS on socia media that acually GENERATE LEADS & SALES
  • Grow and expand your brand starting immediately

If you want 2019 to be a breakout year for you, then SIGN UP TODAY and START GENERATING MORE BUSINESS, MORE LEADS, MORE DEALS & MORE MONEY!

Sign Up Today and make 2019 your most productive and profitable year in real estate investing!

Register Now!

About Your Instructor

Amy RansdellAmy Ransdell is an active real estate investor, real estate investment coach, investment strategist, licensed real estate broker, Realtor, brokerage owner, speaker, and marketing lead for multiple companies. Actively running an investment team and brokerage sales team in Marietta, Georgia, Amy has been buying, renovating, and wholesaling homes for over 18 years.

During that time Amy has run real estate national blogs, some of the most exclusive real estate events, coaching programs, and online content funnels. Heavily experienced in marketing & lead generation, short sales, turn-key investments, and extensive renovations, her team assists investors nationally and internationally.

She is the CMO for virtual assistant provider and lead generation company Deal-Dialers as well as founding partner of LevelUp Atlanta and The Social Media Success Academy. While working as a real estate investment coach for a Inc-500 top program for over 9 years she realized her deepest passion is to empower people to build their investment skills and grow their entrepreneurial fortitude.

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Sat, Dec 15th at 9AM – Atlanta, GA
Atlanta REIA Presents…
Goal Planning & Priority Management Workshop
For Busy Real Estate Investors
Full Day Workshop with Don DeRosa
Sat, December 15th from 9AM – 7PM
3125 Presidential Pkwy, Atlanta, GA

Don DeRosaHaving worked in the real estate industry for over 20 years, I know and understand better than anyone how poor goal planning and time management can significantly wreck your business both from a productivity and profitability stand point.

This Goal Planning & Priority Mangement Workshop will take place on Saturday, December 15th, 2018 from 9AM to 7PM at 3125 Presidential Pkwy, Atlanta, GA. This class will focus on practical, easy-to-implement time management and goal planning concepts that anyone can do.

I will show how new technologies help you get better results and provide you new ways to get more done in today’s busy, fast paced environment. I will show you how to eliminate time wasters and put an end to procrastination for good. I will show you how to manage priorities and communicate better than you ever dreamed possible.

If you want 2019 to be a breakout year for you then don’t wait to get started. Take the first step in eliminating procrastination and Sign Up Today! Don’t look back at the end of the year and say “I should have….” look back and say “Wow, look what I accomplished this year!”

In this class you will learn:

  • How to write well-constructed performance goals
  • How to avoid procrastination by asking yourself a few simple questions
  • Prioritizing task using the ABC method
  • How to use fingertip management to reduce time looking for “stuff” you need
  • Implement on demand information retrieval systems
  • How to delegate like a pro
  • Learn how to master the Pareto Principal, (80/20 rule)
  • Initiate systems to reduce time spent by 75% on daily tasks
  • How to automate repetitive tasks and focus on follow up and closing deals.
  • And tons more…

Sign Up Today and make 2019 your most productive and profitable year in real estate investing!

Register Now!
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Sat, Nov 17th in Atlanta, GA
Creative Deal
Structuring Workshop
Learn How to Become a Transaction Engineer & Put Together Deals Others Can’t!
A Full Day Real Estate Investor Immersion Workshop with Don DeRosa
Saturday, November 17th, 9AM-6PM
1960 Skylar Hill Dr, Ste D, Buford, GA

Don DeRosaWhen you come across a lead, do you know how to look at the information, analyze it and determine what to do with it next? There’s nothing worse than losing a deal because you don’t know multiple ways to structure the deal and how to present multiple offers to the seller.

We are in the midst of a sellers’ market. Although I wish it would never end, that simply isn’t possible. As Sir Isaac Newton once said “what goes up must come down“. He was referring to gravity of course, but the same can be said for real estate.

I want you to learn NOW, how to buy properties with no money down or with as little as possible because you can’t and shouldn’t always rely on traditional funding and traditional methods.
To be a good, creative deal structurer, two things need to happen…

  1. You need to become a problem solver. The better you understand the problem, the more solutions you can offer your seller.
  2. You need to become your seller’s partner. It needs to be a win-win scenario for everyone.

During the Creative Deal Structuring Workshop, I’m going to teach you how to collect the right information, how to analyze the details and then how to use it to create a win-win solution for you and your seller.

At this event, you will learn how to:

  • Ask the right kind of questions
  • How to perform proper due diligence
  • How to structure three different deals on each lead
  • How to become a top 1% by using techniques such as “subject to” owner financing, options, lease purchases and many more
  • How to structure deals that eliminate/limit your need for cash or credit
  • All this, plus answers to your questions and much more!

So join me, Don DeRosa, at the Creative Deal Structuring Workshop on Saturday, November 17th, 2018 from 9AM to 6PM at 1960 Skylar Hill Dr, Ste D, Buford, GA as we discuss multiple offer strategies, negotiating and creative deal offer making.

I will also show you how to use my “Easy Offer Maker” to make profitable offers every time, using multiple strategies like owner financing, subject to, options and lease-options. If you want to learn how to make money on every lead you get your hands on, then REGISTER NOW and come join us to learn how to structure deals creatively and become a transaction engineer.

Register Now!

*PLEASE NOTE The 2-for-1 Early Registration Special is for Members Only. Tuition price will increase and will be per person after Early Registration Expires. Register now and save! Date, time and location are subject to change. Renew your Atlanta REIA Membership or Join Atlanta REIA as a Silver or Gold Member prior to registering and you can attend this event for FREE. You can join Atlanta REIA at

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