Atlanta REIA Workshops & Boot Camps

Negotiations 101 Workshop
On June 15th, 2013 from 9AM – 5PM
1960 Skylar Hill Dr, Suite D, Buford, GA

Negotiations WorkshopHave you ever done a real estate deal only to later realize you did get what you wanted or expected? Here’s your chance to learn many of the negotiation tools, tips and techniques that professional negotiators use every day to get the best deals. With the correct negotiation skills you can easily and effectively get what you want without having to drive a hard bargain. Your bargaining and negotiation skills are critical to your daily life. They’re absolutely essential if you work, have a family or purchase goods and services.

Russ HinerOn Saturday, June 15th from 9 AM to 5 PM at 1960 Skylar Hill Dr, Suite D, in Buford, GA, Russ Hiner will be teaching the Negotiations 101 Workshop to really help you sharpen your negotiation skills. This professional training will be fast-paced, high-energy and is going to get you over the hump in your negotiation techniques. Your life depends on the knowledge that you will learn at this training and will surely improve as a result!

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Join Don DeRosa for an Innovative Day at his upcoming
iPad Boot Camp
For Real Estate Investors!
On May 25, 2013 from 8AM – 5PM
Crowne Plaza Ravinia, Atlanta, GA

It’s a GREAT time to be a real estate investor. But if you want to be the most effective, competitive, profitable investor, you need to
Let Technology Do the Work for You!

Don DeRosaDon will be recording this event in his efforts to create the 2013 edition of his home study course and will be including the iPad Boot Camp as part of his training material for the very first time. Come join us and be part of this historic event and home study course.

Don will teach you how to fully leverage your investment in mobile devices!

Do you have a an iPad, tablet, iPhone or smart phone that you’re using for Angry Birds or Words with Friends, maybe email, but not much else?

Don uses the iPad exclusively to run his Real Estate Investment business… and you can too!

Take your business with you where ever you go; have all your comp’s, photos and forms right in your palm!!!

Leverage all of your mobile devices to make you the most effective, competitive, profitable real estate investor you can be.

Don DeRosaHere are a few examples of what’s waiting for you…

  • The basics (and some not-so-basics!) of the iPad
  • Comps for Rentals and for Purchases
  • How to access Adobe Flash with your iPad (yes, you can)
  • Productivity apps to access files, data and info from anywhere
  • Make the iPad your mobile office, access your database
  • Route calls right from your iPad
  • Track expenses and get rid of all those paper receipts.
  • Yes you can “print” to your iPad.
  • Send the sale contract to the lawyer for title search while you’re still at the seller’s home.
  • Have the seller sign electronically so you can both have a copy in real time!
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Early Registration Expires TONIGHT for the Full Day Money Making Seminar with Ron LeGrand & Jay Conner

TODAY (4/24) is Your LAST CHANCE to SAVE
& Get Two for the Price of One!

With our next Real Estate Investing Workshop coming up this Saturday, April 27th, I have a very important question to ask you:

Is your Real Estate Business Suffering because of any of these problems?

  • Short on cash and can’t do deals?
  • Don’t know where or how to get the cash?
  • Feel sick because you lost out on a great deal and watched another investor with the money pocket your profits?
  • Lack the confidence to raise money?
  • Frustrated and feel stuck?

My guess is you might have answered “YES” to at least a few of these questions. How do I know? Because in today’s economy, one of the questions I hear the most often is… “Where do I get the Cash to do my Real Estate Deals?”

When I dig a little deeper and ask them a few questions, what I find is that they really want is for “someone to come along and hand them the money” but what the really need is an “Easy, Step-by-Step Proven System that will enable them to raise all the cash they need to provide the freedom and lifestyle for themselves and their family”… And both are POSSIBLE with the right training!

Jay ConnerThe good news is, on Saturday, April 27th, my good friend Jay Conner will be teaching a Full Day Money Making Workshop in Atlanta with Ron LeGrand, on “How and Where to Get the Money Now!”

Jay has raised cash in ways I haven’t seen anybody else do, and now he’s going to share the knowledge he’s acquired while creating a 7-Figure annual income in his own Real Estate Business with you! Jay is the best I’ve ever seen at acquiring money to do private loans for his properties. And whether you know it or not, the difference between the rich and the “just getting by” into today’s Real Estate World…is Private Money.

A large part of Jay’s business is based on people putting up the money to make a loan so he can buy a property cheap and take advantage of the bank-owned real estate bonanza that’s going on out there right now. Jay always gets a big check when he buys a property and doesn’t even make monthly payments on his loans!

If you’re remotely interested in transforming your Real Estate Career from a frustrating hobby to a thriving 6-Figure business that churns out thousands of dollars in passive income month after month, this may be the most important Workshop you’ll ever attend. Read More→

Sat, April 20th @ 8:30 AM – Buford, GA
101 Plus Ways to Generate Motivated Buyer & Seller Leads Workshop
A Full Day Workshop with Dustin Griffin on April 20th
From 8:30AM – 5PM at 1960 Skylar Hill Dr, Buford, GA

This Event Sold Out. We are out of seats.
Please do not register.
Discover How to Generate All the Buyer & Seller Leads You Need to EXPLODE Your Real Estate Investing Profits & DOMINATE the Competition!
Over 101+ Proven Effective Lead Generation Methods REVEALED!
Find Out How to Create All the Leads You Can Handle With Little Effort & a Low Budget!

Dustin GriffinWhen it comes to making money as a real estate investor few things are as important as the ability to generate high-quality buyer and seller leads – and it turns out generating those leads is easy with a little effort and the right methods.

In this special one-of-a-kind workshop, respected real estate investor Dustin Griffin will show you those proven effective methods you can use for little to no cost to generate waves of valuable leads day after day and month after month to achieve your financial goals.

You’ll learn:

  • Which traditional marketing methods really work and which are a complete waste of time and money!
  • How to generate all the motivated buyer and seller leads you need to run a successful home buying business without spending a fortune!
  • How to determine exactly how many seller leads you need to achieve your short term cash flow needs and meet your long term financial goals… and then go out and get them!
  • How to tap into the power of the Internet and social media to generate tons of new leads… plus, how to turn any website into a lead-generating machine!
  • The most affordable and most effective direct and mass marketing techniques to reach motivated sellers who need to sell and tenant/buyers who want to buy or rent, regardless of their credit!
  • How to triple your current seller response rate by using a proven 2-Step Marketing Approach that will educate your buyers and sellers about your services in a non-threatening manner!
  • How to use little known marketing secrets to flood ANY business with leads!
  • How to gain instant credibility and establish your company as trusted experts who can solve problems and help prospects buy, rent or sell their home quickly!
  • How to market to the widest possible audience of buyers and sellers even on a shoestring budget!
  • And much more…
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Sat, April 27th @ 8:00 AM – Atlanta, GA
A Full Day Money Making Seminar
For Real Estate Investors

with Ron LeGrand & Jay Conner
8AM – 4PM on April 27th, 2013
Crowne Plaza Atlanta-Airport, 1325 Virginia Ave in Atlanta, GA

Your seat for Ron LeGrand and Jay Conner’s Full Day Money Making Seminar on April 27th in Atlanta, GA is still available.

Ron will be spilling the beans on a brand new strategy…

It’s Hot! It’s New! It’s Very Profitable & Can Make You a
Lot of Money Very Quickly!

Ron LeGrandRon will teach you how to use this new strategy to make $5,000 per house on overleveraged houses and how to easily do 4 per month.

Ron has a simple, new program called ACTS that’s almost instantly doubling the revenue of his students across the country. It’s an amazing, instant exit for sellers who are over financed and upside down, and it’s a huge public service for all those millions of buyers who can’t qualify for a loan in today’s trouble economy.

  • You will never have to take title and own the home.
  • You have no cost.
  • About 55% of all FSBO’s (For Sale By Owners) fall into this new program.
  • You can do three or four a month and make a minimum of $5,000 on each, and that’s no exaggeration… if anything, it’s an understatement. (Ron’s doing 2 a week in Jacksonville, FL)

When you see ACTS, you won’t sleep for three days when you see how quickly you can get a check with no loans, no banks, no repairs, no credit, no delays and very little work.

Want to Learn a Step-By-Step System for Unlimited Funding?

Jay ConnerJay will teach you “Where to Get the Money Now” to fund all of your real estate deals. He will teach you how he has built his buying and selling houses business into a seven figure income in less than 2 years on automatic using a simple, step-by-step system (that anyone can duplicate) which enabled him to raise $2,150,000 in less than 90 Days.

This workshop will open the door for you to receive an unlimited amount of money for your real estate deals so you can finally kiss goodbye these problems goodbye forever…

  • Having no cash
  • Missing out on deals you can’t afford
  • Paying 20% down, high interest rates and points using hard money

We are expecting a full house, to register now so you can be guaranteed a spot!

Also, don’t forget, Ron and Jay will give you a pile of bonuses just for attending… See you there!

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Sat, April 27th @ 8:00 AM – Atlanta, GA
Atlanta REIA Presents
A Full Day Money Making Seminar
For Real Estate Investors

with Ron LeGrand & Jay Conner
8AM – 4PM on April 27th, 2013
Crowne Plaza Atlanta-Airport, 1325 Virginia Ave in Atlanta, GA

Atlanta REIA is very excited to announce that Ron LeGrand  and Jay Conner will each be presenting a ½ day seminar in Atlanta on April 27th, 2013 at 8AM (Registration starts at 7:30 AM) at the Crowne Plaza Atlanta-Airport located at 1325 Virginia Ave in Atlanta, GA for a full days’ worth of money making strategies for real estate investors.

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PLEASE NOTE: Atlanta REIA Members can bring a spouse, adult child or parent at no additional charge if registered by April 24th. Non-Members who join Atlanta REIA now through April 24th can attend this full day seminar for FREE and bring a can bring a spouse, adult child or parent at no additional charge. When joining, be sure to indicate that you want to attend this event. The price for this seminar will increase by at least $10 after early registration expires.

Ron LeGrand will teach you…
“How To Make Piles Of Money On Over-Leveraged Properties”

Ron LeGrandRon LeGrand is a nationally renowned real estate expert and lecturer who has taught thousands of people how to make big incomes without using personal capital or credit. Ron’s philosophy is “The less I do, the more I make”.  It’s not about working harder; it’s about working smarter – doing things that allow you to get wealthy quickly and not doing the things that consume your days swapping hours for dollars.

Ron started out as a simple auto mechanic with a redneck background who barely got out of high school.  He borrowed money 30 years ago to attend his first real estate seminar.  Since then he has personally bought more than 2,000 homes, and continues to do so.  Today he owns or controls several hundred million dollars in real estate developments and owns several businesses.

Ron is affectionately known as the “Godfather” of real estate investing and is recognized as the nation’s leading authority on buying and selling single family homes for fast cash with no credit and little or no personal investment or risk. On April 27th, he is going to teach you how to make huge chunks of cash quickly buy buying and selling over-leveraged, upside down, pretty houses in nice neighborhoods.

Jay Conner will teach you…
“How to Raise All The Private Money You Need”

Jay ConnerJay Conner is a very successful real estate investor and private money expert. Without using his own money or credit, Jay maximizes creative methods to buy and sell properties with profits averaging over $50,000 per deal, with little to no risk.

When Jay was introduced to the world of Private Lending he said “Private lending rocked my world and my real estate investing career!” His first Private Lender gave him $250,000 in Private Money. Then, within less than 90 Days, Jay raised a total of $2,150,000.00 in Private Money that has helped him helped him make over seven figures from his real estate investments each year since.

Jay has been a full-time Real-Estate Entrepreneur for 10 years in a small town in North Carolina with a population of only 40,000 while producing a seven figure net income per year. For the past 4 years, he has been mentoring Real Estate Investing Students across the U.S. and Canada on raising Private Money. Since he started raising Private Money, he has developed new, easy and simple techniques for raising all the money you’ll ever want for your real estate deals.

Come join both Ron and Jay on April 27th and learn how you can take your real estate investing career to the next level and beyond! Read More→

Sat, April 20th @ 8:30 AM – Buford, GA
101 Plus Ways to Generate
Motivated Buyer & Seller Leads

A Full Day Workshop with Dustin Griffin on April 20th
From 8:30AM – 5PM in Buford, GA

Part of the 800 Pound Guerilla Marketing Training Series
This Event Sold Out. We are out of seats.
Please do not register.

Dustin GriffinJoin us on Saturday, April 20th at 8:30 AM at the Atlanta REIA North Office located at 1960 Skylar Hill Dr, Suite D, in Buford, GA for to learn “101 Plus Ways to Generate Buyer & Seller Leads” for your real estate investing business.

Dustin Griffin is going to teach you many of the 800 Pound Guerilla Marketing Strategies and Techniques he and other successful investors use to generate all the buyer and seller leads they can handle on a low budget and how you can too.

He is going to teach you how you can totally dominate your local competition with little effort and a relatively low budget using new and traditional marketing techniques, a little creativity and the power of the Internet.

Atlanta REIA

Upcoming Workshop Dates
April 13, 2013 – Tampa, FL
April 20, 2013 – Atlanta, GA

Tampa REIA
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Please Note: Registrants may bring a spouse, parent or adult child for 1/2 off.

What Some of Our Attendees Said…

“I loved all the marketing examples. Dustin is the bomb! :)” ~ Ruth R.

“Excellent workshop with a lot (whole lot) of great content. Dustin put a lot of work into the presentation. Excellent coverage of all the items.” ~ E. Ohuche

“Overall an excellent class with great information presented very well. All the information was very helpful. :)” ~ Sabrina C.

“Dustin is very knowledgeable and a great teacher. I learned a lot!!!” ~ R. Marshall

“The teacher Dustin Griffin is very thorough with his information. We all feel like we were fed with a firehose. :)” ~ J. Rexford

“Overall Dustin is a great real estate investors. Very knowledgeable and has a great command of marketing both offline and online. He is of great value to new and experienced investors because of the importance of cost effective marketing and internet marketing.” ~ Emeka O.

“The mass amount of information gives me a lot of new ideas for marketing. I could not take notes fast enough! :) I highly recommend for anyone that is interested in real estate investing if you are brand new or a seasoned investor.” ~ T. Young

“Dustin really got me motivated to go out and generate more leads. I took seven pages of notes in addition to all the handouts he gave us. I can’t wait to implement some of the strategies to get the leads pouring in.” ~ Stephen M.

“I really enjoyed teaching this class a lot. I love marketing and love sharing a the various marketing strategies, tips, tools and tricks that I and other successful investors have used to generate all the motivated buyer and seller leads we can handle. I really enjoyed all the class participation and all the examples they shared. Thank you so much for participating!” ~ D. Griffin