Atlanta REIA Workshops & Boot Camps

Sat, March 19th at 9:00 AM in Decatur, GA
Basic Bookkeeping for Real Estate Investors and How to Invest in Real Estate via an IRA or 401(k)
March 19th from 9AM to 5PM
At Keller Williams Decatur

A Full Day Workshop Presented By Attorney, Accountant & Investor John Hyre
Seven Hours, NO BS, Lots of Information,
Lots of Q&A, Off The Clock

John HyreBe sure to join us on Saturday, March 19th, 2016 at Keller Williams Metro Atlanta located at 315 W. Ponce De Leon Ave, Suite 100 in Decatur, GA with for a Full Day Workshop with Tax Attorney, Accountant and Real Estate Investor, John Hyre. At the Workshop, John will spend 7 full hours teaching you how to ethically and legally hammer the IRS and protect your assets.

More specifically you will get…

3 1/2 Hours of Real Estate Bookkeeping Basics in QuickBooks

We’ll put QuickBooks up on the screen LIVE and set up a real estate company, step-by-step:

  • Funding the company
  • Getting Property Purchases & Sales on the Books
  • Producing an Income Statement for Each Property
  • Producing a Balance Sheet for Each Property
  • How to record everyday transactions – writing checks, making deposits, etc.

If you are not keeping excellent books, you:

  • Are subject to AUTOMATIC IRS penalties
  • Are overpaying your return preparer
  • Cannot plan to minimize your taxes
  • Can forget about your entities providing asset protection
  • Don’t know your business!

3 1/2 Hours of IRA/401(k) Questions & Answers

Learn the basics of what you can and cannot do with an IRA/401(k), both with your own and when using money from others’ accounts. Learn high-yield techniques to balloon income, tax-free of course. How to avoid disqualification of IRA (Prohibited Transaction Rules) and avoid paying tax in IRA (UBIT or Unrelated Business Income Tax). How to use LLC’s in IRA, including deciding whether or not LLC makes sense for you. Examples of investments in IRA, including how to super-charge rentals, how many flips can be run and other RE-related techniques. Plain English format, open for Q&A throughout.

Prohibited Transaction Rules

  • How Aggressive Should One Be with IRA Tax Rules?
    • Impact of Prohibited Transaction on your IRA
  • Related Parties
    • Related Parties Most Everyone Knows About, Review
    • Traps to Avoid: More Subtle Related Party Rules Designed to Disqualify Your IRA
  • Sole Benefit/Indirect Benefit Rule
    • Much More Subtle & Dangerous Than Related Party Issues, Rarely Discussed
    • For example, why renting IRA-owned condo to your boss at full rental rates with no discounts ruins your IRA
  • Issues With Overly Clever Transactions
    • Options
    • Participating Loans
    • Assignments

When IRA’s Are Taxable: UBIT (Unrelated Business Income Tax)

  • Use of Debt in an IRA
    • When it’s taxable, when it is not
  • Taxable Trade or Business in an IRA
    • Buy/Sell/Flip Transactions as a Trade or Business
    • Rentals as a Trade/Business
  • When Does Eating the Tax Make Sense?

IRA-Owned/Checkbook LLC’s

  • Asset Protection – does your IRA Need It?
  • Partnering – Advantages & Disadvantages of LLC When Partnering
  • “Checkbook” Privileges – Do You Need to Write the Check NOW?

Get all this and a FREE Lunch at Taco Mac for a mere $69 per person for Gold Members, $99 for Silver Members & $129 for Non-Members and Guests. Workshop prices will increase to $99 per person for Gold Members, $129/person for Silver Members and $159/person for Non-Members and guests after early registration expires, so register now and save!

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PLEASE NOTE: Workshop date, time and location are subject to change. Workshop prices will increase to $99/person for Gold Members, $129/person for Silver Members and $129/person for Non-Members after early registration expires.

Marketing Madness Workshop
Sat, February 20th, 9am-5pm – Atlanta, GA
Rock Shukoor’s Real Estate
Marketing Madness Workshop

February 20, 2016 from 9AM to 5PM
*Keller Williams, 200 Glenridge Point Pkwy, Ste 100, Atlanta, GA
Rock Says There are Only 4 Seats Left!
Do you want to learn the fastest and easiest way
to make money in real estate?

It’s a proven fact that real estate has created more millionaires than any other investment in history, so what’s stopping you from being the next real estate multi-millionaire?

  • No Cash?
  • No Credit?
  • No Training?
  • No Experience?
  • No Mentor?
  • No Resources?
  • No Leads?
  • No Confidence?
  • Fear of the Unknown?
  • Fear of Risk Involved?
  • Don’t Want Tenants?
  • Don’t Know Where to Start?

Marketing Madness ManualDo any of these obstacles apply to you? If so, you must attend my upcoming Marketing Madness Workshop on Saturday, February 20th from 9AM to 5PM at *Keller Williams, 200 Glenridge Point Pkwy, Ste 100, Atlanta, GA. During this full day event, I am going to personally help you overcome each and every one of the obstacles that may be stopping you from bringing home some really big checks in a very short period of time with little or no cash, credit, experience or risk required on your part.

Whether you know it or not, as real estate investors, we are all in the “marketing” business. Yes, “real estate” is our product and “solutions” is the service we provide, but we are in the marketing business. You must learn how to be a great marketer to be able to find great deals no one else can and be able to attract cash buyers so you can close within days.

When you run your real estate investment business properly, you will get paid within days not weeks or months, just like most successful wholesalers do. Of course this is easier said than done, right? Well, it is that easy when you know what to do, how to do it, when to do it and when you have the right resources available to you.

Do you have all the leads you are looking for? Do you have enough deals on hand to wholesale at least one deal a day? Do you have all the cash buyers you need to sell those hot deals to within hours of finding them? If the answer is “No” to any of these questions, then you really need to attend my upcoming training event!

At the training you will learn:

  • 7 Ways To Find 7 Great Deals In 7 Days
  • Direct Mail Marketing
  • Text Marketing
  • Call Broadcasting
  • 12 Ways To Find Cash Buyers with Little or No Marketing Expense
  • And Much, Much More!

If you have a phone a computer and can make time, I can show you how to be a “Marketing Master” and find all the deals others are looking for and cannot find.

Rock ShukoorAt this event I will teach you many of the marketing strategies that myself and other highly successful real estate investors and marketers use to promote their business and generate all the motivated buyer and seller leads they can handle. I will also show you many of my wholesaling techniques that are simple, fun, fast and easy to implement so you can start bringing in big paychecks in 30 days or less.

So what are you waiting for? Will you be the next real estate millionaire? It is up to you. Success starts with taking action, one step at a time. So don’t let anything stand in your way. Clear your schedule, forget the past and come join me at the workshop so I can help you become a Marketing & Wholesaling Machine! See you at the event!

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PLEASE NOTE: Workshop date, time and location are subject to change. Workshop prices will increase to $59.95/person for Gold Members, $89.95/person for Silver Members and $129.95/person for Non-Members after early registration expires.

*Meeting facilities provided by Deborah Harris of Keller Williams Realty First Atlanta. Contact Deborah for all your commercial or residential real estate needs at 404-272-9827 or Thanks Deborah!

Sat, February 6th at 9AM – Decatur, GA
Atlanta REIA Presents:
Expert Negotiating Tactics
The Ultimate 1 Day Workshop on How to Easily Negotiate with Sellers to Create Win-Win Situations!
A Full Day Workshop with Don DeRosa
Saturday, February 6th from 9AM – 5PM
At Keller Williams Metro Atlanta
315 W. Ponce De Leon Ave, Suite 100, Decatur, GA

PLEASE NOTE: This event has been rescheduled from Jan 23rd to Feb 6th due to inclement weather conditions.

Don DeRosaThere is nothing worse than losing a deal because you didn’t know the right things to say when negotiating with the seller. Does the fear of this happening prevent you from achieving your goals? Negotiating may seem scary to many people because they are afraid of offending the seller and don’t want to go in with a “low-ball” offer. Don DeRosa is here to help!

Don is a leading expert on negotiations and he wants to share with you what he knows to help you overcome your fears and achieve your goals. On Saturday, February 6th, Don will be teaching a full day workshop that will help you do just that. The workshop will begin at 9AM at Keller Williams Metro Atlanta located at 315 W. Ponce De Leon Ave, Suite 100 in Decatur, GA.

Negotiating does not have to be something that makes you shudder. After this workshop, you will feel confident and have the knowledge and tools at your disposal to be able to walk into any negotiation feeling fully prepared to create a win-win deal.

At this workshop, you will learn about…

  • 3 variables to every negotiation
  • How to recognize non-verbal clues and use them to your advantage
  • How to plan and gather information for successful negotiations
  • How to use state of the art tools to do all your negotiating for you
  • How to overcome all seller objections when buying a house
  • How to create win-win deals so that everyone leaves happy
  • And much, much more!

Don’t miss this great opportunity to learn about successful negotiating from an expert real estate investor who lives right here in your backyard!

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Sat, January 9th at 9AM – Decatur, GA
Atlanta REIA Presents:
Creative Deal Structuring:
What to Say, How to Avoid Banks and Still Get PAID!!
A Full Day Workshop with Larry Harbolt
Saturday, January 9th from 9AM – 5PM
At the Keller Williams Metro Atlanta
315 W. Ponce De Leon Ave, Suite 100, Decatur, GA


Larry HarboltAs the real estate market is starting to change for the better, qualifying for institutional loans are still very difficult for many real estate investors. Hard money loans are too expensive and should only be used for short term deals anyway. For those exact reasons, it is essential for real estate investors to learn how to keep their businesses thriving without having to rely on banks or other institutional lenders. On Saturday, January 9th, Larry Harbolt will be teaching a full day workshop that will equip you with the knowledge and tools to be able to do just that. The workshop will begin at 9AM at Keller Williams Metro Atlanta located at 315 W. Ponce De Leon Ave, Suite 100 in Decatur, GA

During this workshop, Larry will teach you magic words that create huge fortunes and how to use multiple strategies to catapult your real estate business to the next level in the shortest possible period of time. He will also be exposing new and different strategies that he rarely shares in detail which will immediately allow you to structure more and higher profit deals so you can make far more money than you are currently making. Come hear what Larry has to say and learn how to continuously do deals regardless or whether money is hard to get or not!

At this workshop, you will learn how to:

  • Overcome seller objections like a pro-negotiator.
  • Ask the right questions that will create Golden Deals.
  • Create extra profit out of thin air on most of your deals.
  • Build an empire of monthly cash flow and cure negative cash flow; these are the secrets only a handful of people know about.
  • Generate big profits from the “deal after the deal”. All seller-financed deals have back end profit centers if structured properly, and Larry will show you how it will cost you a fortune if you don’t know these investor secrets.
  • Learn to negotiate deals without ever talking to the sellers.
  • How to make thousands up front buying houses “subject to”, sell them with owner financing fast, and earn monthly cash flow with little to no maintenance on your part, few tenant issues and fewer costly entanglements. If you want to increase your monthly cash flow, this could be an entire business platform worth your focus, and Larry will give you a plan to do it!
  • And much, much more!

Larry will also show you how to structure deals with zero interest, no payments, and even how to do deals if you are in bankruptcy. Larry has students who have bought over 20 seller financing deals in 2015 using his techniques and strategies. You aren’t going to want to miss hearing what several of his students are currently doing to make extra profit on 5 to 15 extra deals each year making $3,000 to over $30,000 on each of those deals!

And then, if all of that wasn’t enough, Larry is also going to teach you about:

  • The 7 Deadly Mistakes All Investors Make.
  • Think about your goals before making your offer.
  • Understand why any property is a good deal worth pursuing?
  • Think through the deal so you know you will make a sufficient profit before you do the deal!
  • Understand what the highest and best property use is that will maximize your profit.
  • Know how to quickly pre-screen which properties are the best candidates.
  • How to avoid violating the Dodd-Frank Act legally, morally and ethically.
  • Determine what the best buying strategy should be for every deal.
  • How to get into the mind of the seller — what do they want? Why do they want it, and the best way to give them what they want!
  • How to build instant rapport and be the savior to today’s distressed sellers.

Saturday, January 9th will be your ticket to creating multiple profit checks regardless of your financial situation. After this workshop, you will know how to immediately structure deals that you never thought possible. Don’t miss this great opportunity. Register now!

Register Now!

PLEASE NOTE: Atlanta REIA Gold & Silver Members can bring a spouse, adult child or parent at no extra charge. Non-Members who join Atlanta REIA between December 25th and January 8th can attend this full day workshop for FREE and bring a qualified guest such as a spouse, adult child or parent. Atlanta REIA Members who renew their membership between December 25th and January 8th for 1 additional year can attend for FREE as well. When joining or renewing your membership, please let us know that you want to attend this event at no additional charge. You can join Atlanta REIA at

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Sat & Sun, Dec 5th & 6th – Buford, GA
ABLE Mentoring
2 Day Crash Course

With Scott Ulmer & Staff
December 5th & 6th from 9AM-6PM
1960 Skylar Hill Dr, Buford, GA
Learn to Use Lease Purchases To Make A Minimum Of $10,000 Every Time!

Scott Ulmer of ABLE Mentoring wanted us to post this email to everyone who was or was not able to attend the Beginning Investors Group (BIG) where Scott spoke on Monday, November 16th…

ABLE Mentoring

From the Desk of Scott Ulmer…

Scott UlmerWe will be back in Atlanta on December 5th & 6th for our 2 Day ABLE Mentoring Crash Course at the Atlanta REIA Office located at 1960 Skylar Hill Dr, Suite D, in Buford, GA. During those 2-days, we will train you on how to implement our ABLE strategy immediately, and show you how you too can make a minimum of $10,000 for every deal you do. I have two passions outside of my family and religion… Perfecting the ABLE exit strategy, and seeing others succeed using the ABLE system. My team and I are going to give you 110% during these two days!

You will also receive the following:

  • Access to 100% of our Real-Time Marketing.
  • Live Breakout Sessions Where We Will Call Your Leads.
  • Flow Charts Laying Out The Process.
  • Several Real Deal Examples.
  • Common Seller Objections and Rebuttals.
  • And Much, Much More!

We are offering all of this for NOT $1995, NOT $995… Just $197 for Atlanta REIA Gold Members, $297 for Silver Members and $497 for Non-Members. Based on your Minimum Payday of $10,000, the ROI on this training can be hugely significant. You simply cannot find a more applicable and sound investment strategy in today’s real estate investing world. Banking restrictions are more stringent than ever, and believe it or not, the FDIC is getting ready to raise rates. Even more reason “non-traditional” sales, for both buyers and sellers alike, are becoming the wave of the future when it comes to transacting residential real estate. The timing for this training could not be any better.

We feel So Strongly about you chances for success that we are willing to offer you a 100% money-back guarantee. If after the 1st day you don’t feel you can make a substantial amount of money and a substantial ROI (potentially 20 to 1 on your first deal), we will refund your money, no questions asked.

For those rehabbers and flippers this same strategy can apply to your current investment properties. We will show you how you can DOUBLE and sometimes even TRIPLE your profits utilizing ABLE’s back-end system. We put together a video detailing how you can recognize the full value of this exit strategy in your own personal investments.

See this short video with Scott detailing how he can nearly triple his profits on a typical fix and flip deal:

Elevate Your Success!

This is a genuine opportunity to enhance your financial life, increase your success and increase your business. Spend two information-packed days learning some of today’s best techniques and approaches with the market transformers who pioneered this investing strategy, and hear how they broke through complexity, constraints and constrictions to achieve greater abundance, freedom and success.

You owe it to yourself to be here, to learn this strategy. This is a tremendous value and can be a tremendous addition to your existing real estate portfolio. Regardless of all of the “white noise” out there and all of the latest and greatest investing strategies, this program, its details and merits, and ability to generate a payday immediately exist nowhere else.

Register Now!

We are excited to see you all again on December 5th & 6th at the Atlanta REIA Office located at 1960 Skylar Hill Dr, Suite D, in Buford, GA. Please reserve your seat asap. Seats are limited and are on a first come first served basis.

Mark off December 5th and 6th and we will see you there!


Scott Ulmer

Sat, October 17th at 9:00 AM – Atlanta, GA
Atlanta REIA Presents:
Anatomy of 12 Creative Financing Deal Structures
Learning How to Creatively Finance a Real Estate Deal
A Full Day Workshop with Russ Hiner
Saturday, October 17th from 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
At the Keller Williams, 200 Glenridge Point Pkwy NE, #100, Atlanta, GA

Russ HinerOn Saturday, October 17th from 9:00AM to 5:00PM (Registration starts at 8:30AM) at the Keller Williams, 200 Glenridge Point Pkwy NE, #100, Atlanta, GA , Russ Hiner will be teaching a special full day workshop with Atlanta REIA on learning how to creatively finance real estate deals. This class is all about different ways to buy and sell real estate without having to use cash.

You are finding motivated sellers with a real estate problem that “Traditional” techniques can’t resolve.

  • Can you identify financial and non-financial issues???
  • Can you assess the sellers situation and motivations???
  • Are you great at problem solving???
  • Do you want a system to do this using flow charts???

Learn creative gap filling techniques! Are you tired of knowing just a few ways to creatively finance and buy real estate?

Do you only know these six methods?

  1. CA$H
  2. Traditional Financing
  3. Seller Carry Back
  4. Subject-To
  5. Seller Second
  6. Lease Option

At this workshop you will learn 12 ways to get the financing done!!!!

This class is for broke people, buyers and sellers who want to make GOOD decisions while structuring a deal! Do you have properties you are looking to maximize the profit and lower the risk while getting rid of the tenant mentally?

  • Learn the pitfalls of each technique so you understand when to stand your ground!
  • Learn how to determine if NO deal structuring will make the deal work!
  • Learn where you can be flexible without breaking your bank account!
  • Learn how to decrease your risk while increasing your profit!

Professional investors realize that with the correct skills, tools and techniques, you can easily and effectively reach your goals for 2015 and beyond! Reducing your risk and increasing your real estate knowledge are critical to your daily life. These skills are absolutely essential if you invest in real estate and other financial instruments.

Your success will be greatly impacted by the knowledge that will be given at this training!

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Sat, October 24th at 9:00 AM – Atlanta, GA
Atlanta REIA Presents:
Nothing But Apps Workshop
A Full Day Real Estate Technology Workshop with Don DeRosa
Saturday, October 24th from 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
At the Keller Williams Metro Atlanta
315 W. Ponce De Leon Ave, Suite 100, Decatur, GA
Bring Your Tablet, Smart Phone or Notebook!

It’s a GREAT time to be a real estate investor. But if you want to be the most effective, competitive, profitable investor, you need to Let Technology Do the Work for You!

Don DeRosaJoin us on Saturday, October 24th at 9AM at Keller Williams Metro Atlanta located at 315 W. Ponce De Leon Ave, Suite 100 in Decatur, GA where you will learn to do just that. Don will be showing you how he runs his entire business completely paperless, using nothing but mobile devices. Don will teach you how to fully leverage your investments in any mobile device that you own, such as tablets and smart phones. He will teach you how to take your business with you wherever you go; have all your comp’s, photos and forms right in the palm of your hands!

Here are a few examples of what’s waiting for you…

  • How to use your devices as your central communication hub.
  • How to use the cloud to store all of your data so you never waste time looking for STUFF again.
  • Run your entire office using apps such as Scanner Pro, Excel, Word and PDF Expert and a whole lot more.
  • Take notes, inspections and write contracts multiple ways so you never have to print anything ever again.
  • How to access Adobe Flash with your iPad (yes, you can).
  • How to perform ALL of your due diligence such as comps, evaluations, computations, research and demographics all while still in the driveway of the home.
  • Productivity apps to access files, data and info from anywhere.
  • Improve your rehabs with apps that assist in design, measurements and color choices.
  • Property management apps that assist with collecting rent payments, move-in / move-outs and tracking leases.
  • Track expenses and get rid of all those paper receipts and never manually log miles ever again.
Register Now!

So if you want to take your business to the next level this is the MUST attend event of the year. Never again look at paper the same way. Please join Don DeRosa on October 24th from 9AM to 6PM at Keller Williams Metro Atlanta at 315 W. Ponce De Leon Ave, Suite 100 in Decatur, GA.

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