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Robert SheminOn March 28, 2012, Bestselling author, wealth expert, financial commentator and multi-millionaire real estate investor, Robert Shemin, joined us for a very special Evening with a Real Estate Expert Webcast. The purpose of this webcast was to introduce Robert to our members, friends and followers and give them details about our two upcoming events with him. Here are a few of the topics we discussed… Read More→

What’s Hot in Real Estate Investing Webcast
with Bob Massey on Short Sale Alternatives

Bob MasseyWe’ve been hearing more and more from our members and guests that they are burnt out on foreclosures and short sales due to all the time and frustration it takes dealing with the banks. If you’re a little tired of Short Sales… You NEED to be on the special training webcast we’re having TONIGHT, Tuesday, March 27th at 7PM ET with Atlanta REIA sub-group Leader and expert investor Bob Massey.

It’s the What’s Hot in Real Estate Investing Webcast and Bob is going to tell us about some HOT, NEW, SHORT SALE ALTERNATIVES!

Bob has discovered an incredible strategy for getting pretty houses (no more spending months rehabbing junkers or flipping them for $5k profits), at 65% of current market value. All this with NO SHORT SALE, no foreclosure, no deficiency, no deed-in-lieu, etc. Wow, this does sound HOT!

Bob says “This strategy gives us the biggest opportunity I have ever seen in Real Estate Investment. Not only do we have a chance to make HUGE profits, we also finally have a way to help underwater homeowners fight back against the banks. You’re going to get an education that will drive you crazy after you hear what the banks have been doing.” Join us on the webcast to learn more!

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Learn How to Generate All the Leads You Can Handle with Kathy Kennebrook

Kathy KennebrookOn March 1st, our good friend and Atlanta REIA Business Member, Kathy Kennebrook joined us for a very special Training Opportunity Webcast on Direct Mail Marketing and other real estate investing strategies. Kathy explained how to buy and sell houses quickly in any market and as well as exactly how she runs her real estate business.

Some of the topics she covered were: Read More→

Super Smart High Tech Home Buying & Selling WorkshopOn February 7th, 2012, Dustin Griffin hosted the 7th installment of the Super Smart High Tech Home Buying & Selling Workshop Series for 2012 which is being held online and recorded for 24/7 playback for Atlanta REIA Members. In Part 7 of this workshop, Dustin showed attendees how to use their Super Smart Sell Site Back Office Websites to post their for sale/rent properties online, using copy and paste property flyers, posting their properties to the new website, building an electronic buyers list, managing enant/buyer leads and much more. Anyone can attend this live workshop series for FREE by registering here and Atlanta REIA Members can login here and watch the Workshop Replay below. Read More→

Attorneys Craig Halperin & Jonathan LymanOn Tuesday, February 28th, Atlanta REIA’s Gold Business Members, Attorney Craig Halperin and Attorney Jonathan Lyman of the law firm Halperin Lyman, LLC did a special Evening with an Expert Webcast with us. Craig and Jonathan answered many questions from our audience regarding title insurance, closing costs, liens, foreclosures, tax sales, entity setup, land trusts and more. Craig and Jonathan also talked about their upcoming presentation on “Title Insurance and Recording for Real Estate Investors: From Coverage and Rates to Proper Transfers in Georgia” at our Atlanta REIA Main Meeting on Monday, March 12, 2012. This was a definitely a “Do Not Miss” educational opportunity for anyone involved in real estate investing. This was an excellent webcast you don’t want to miss. Read More→

Learn How to Generate All the Leads You Can Handle with Kathy Kennebrook

Kathy KennebrookImagine having 3-10 motivated sellers contacting you each day. Sound incredible? Be careful what you wish for. No matter where you live there are motivated sellers just waiting to “give” you their houses, leaving you with thousands of dollars in profits. You will even learn how to draw in deals exactly the way you need them, such as wholesale deals, creative owner financing and more!

Join us on Thursday, March 1st at 7PM ET for a special Training Opportunity Webcast with our good friend and Atlanta REIA Business Member, Kathy Kennebrook. Kathy will be explaining how to buy and sell houses quickly in any market and she’ll be explaining exactly how she runs her real estate business on this incredible Call.

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Some of the points she will be covering are: Read More→

Stop Working So Hard To Find Good Deals

Posted on February 29, 2012 by
Marketing Webcast with Kathy Kennebrook

Stop Working So Hard To Find Good DealsHey Everyone, we’ve had an opportunity to find out even more about Kathy Kennebrook’s amazing marketing system. You don’t want to miss this incredible webcast on Thursday, March 1st at 7PM ET. It could make a huge difference in your profits this year!

Kathy is going to cover some amazing strategies to help you crank up your buying machine and automatically schedule and manage all of the direct mail campaigns she uses to find highly qualified motivated sellers and buyers for her properties.

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Turbo Charge Your Income

Posted on February 28, 2012 by
“Turbo Charging Your Buying Machine, Your Income Streams, and Running Your Real Estate Investing Business on Auto-pilot”
A Training Webcast with Kathy Kennebrook

Turbo Charge Your IncomeHey Everyone! This is your invitation to join us Thursday, March 1st at 7PM ET for a special Training Opportunity Webcast we are hosting with our good friend Kathy Kennebrook. Her topic will be “Turbo Charging Your Buying Machine, Your Income Streams, and Running Your Real Estate Investing Business on Auto-pilot”.

This is going to be an incredible session where Kathy is going to share all of her insider secrets of the ins and outs of buying and selling houses quickly no matter what your real estate market is doing. Register for the Webcast Now!

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Webcast on Thursday, March 1st @ 7PM on
“Let Me Show You How I Made Seven Figures In Twelve Short Months Using My Unique Direct Mail Strategies To Locate More Highly Motivated Sellers, Buyers and Lenders and Completely Automate My Business”
“And How You Can Do The Same In Your Pajamas Without Licking A Single Stamp!”

Kathy KennebrookIt’s absolutely true. I usually start my day talking to sellers, making offers and buying a property before I ever get through my first glass of iced tea in the morning, (I’m allergic to coffee) or get out of my pajamas.

When I first got started in the real estate business a few years ago, I was working in full-time sales logging thousands of miles each year because if I didn’t work, I didn’t get paid. Frankly, I was tired of the whole business. I just thought there had to be a better way to make a living.

Then I discovered real estate and quickly found out the best deals were going to be made only with sellers who were truly motivated to sell.

Once I decided I wanted to make a lot of money…and enjoy the good life that goes with it, I knew I needed to find a way to make it happen. And the way to that goal was to find motivated sellers who wanted and needed to sell.

I Want To Help You Earn The Same Big Profits I Do… Even in Today’s Market!

Hundreds of real estate investors all over America have implemented my systems. Now they have motivated sellers practically begging them to take their properties off their hands. What’s their secret? What’s their edge?

At Last I Have Unlocked The Secrets To Getting Really Motivated Sellers, Buyers and Lenders Contacting You.

What are the Secrets??? Join me on the special Webcast I’m doing with Atlanta REIA on Thursday, March 1st at 7PM to find out more!

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You will learn how to Carve A Unique Niche Market That Other Real Estate Investors Simply Don’t Know About. My special techniques are designed to identify and address a unique and virtually untapped market place of motivated sellers … some of those include out-of-state owners, inherited properties, pre-foreclosures, burned-out landlords, hard to find owners, expired listings, estates, military transfers and more! Read More→

Russ HinerOn February 20th, 2012, local real estate expert and mentor, Russ Hiner, did a special, unscheduled webcast to talk about the launch of the new “Real Estate Investing 101 Workshop” training series that starts on Saturday, February 25, 2012. On this one hour webcast, Russ went into great detail about what he will be teaching at the first REI 101 Workshop and talked about why you don’t want to miss it. going to give you a high level overview of the various ways to profit by investing in real estate and help you get started on your way. Read more about this event or watch the webcast replay below.

For a limited time only, non-members can watch the replay here. Read More→

Jim HittOn February 16, 2012, Jim Hitt, the CEO of American IRA, was our special guest for a two part webcast series on “How to Invest in Real Estate with Your IRA”. Part 1 of this webcast was focused on teaching you basic strategies for using your IRA to invest in real estate. Part 2 of the Webcast on March 29, 2012 focused on intermediate, advanced, and creative strategies for investing in real estate with your IRA.

Jim Hitt, says “If you are curious about Real Estate IRAs and are looking to learn more about this investment options such as real estate, and other non-traditional assets like LLCs, trust deeds, mortgages, and businesses, this is the perfect webinar for you. I will provide the must knows of investing with self-directed Real Estate IRAs providing you with solid and useful information to help you make your decision about whether self-directed Real Estate IRAs are a good fit for your investment plan.” Read More→

Kimberlee FrankOn February 6th, 2012, we were joined by Realtor, Broker, Short Sale Expert and Trainer, for a special Training Opportunity Webcast where she shared her uncensored secrets of how she and her students find and successfully close short sale deals down in Orlando, FL and around the country. During her webcast presentation, Kimberlee teaches you 10 ways to get your short sale deals closed so you can get to your payday and not have your deal fall a part at the closing table. She tells you how the mortgage companies are changing their rules and how you need to change with them to get your deals done. You can’t close a short sale without knowing this valuable information. If becoming a short sale expert is your goal, this is a webcast you don’t want to miss. Read More→

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