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How you monitor the condition of the property will influence your relationship with your tenant, how quickly you can turn the property when a tenant moves out, and the over-all income of the property. If you plan on holding a security deposit to be used for damages against a property, you must conduct a comprehensive move-in/move-out inspection.

This article addresses how communication, documentation and setting expectations with your tenants through scheduled inspections will result in a better landlord-tenant relationship, a better maintained property and avoid costly court cases, all of which effect the net income of rental property. Read More→


When a Tenant Moves Out – Part 1

Posted on June 29, 2011 by

When Tenants Move OutEarlier this month, three investors visited our ranch.  They were having a lot of trouble with their rental properties.  In addition to high turnover rates, when the tenants moved out, they left the homes a wreck.  The investors wanted to know how to more effectively manage rental properties and tenants.

They couldn’t have picked a better time to visit.  Two of our properties had just gone vacant.  The first property was a high-end home – the husband had been hired by the FBI.  The second home was in a tool-belt neighborhood – the couple had just bought their first home.

When the investors saw the condition of both of our properties, their jaws hit the ground.  The yards were cut, flowerbeds weeded, floors vacuumed, cabinets cleaned, and the bathrooms were spotless!  Truly, with almost no work on our part, another tenant could have moved in that day! Read More→