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Pete YoungsOn August 18th, 2011, we did a special “training opportunity” webcast with “Mr. Rehab” Pete Youngs.  Pete talked about how he got started in the business and how is business has evolved over the past 30 years, especially over the past few years in our weak economy and trouble real estate market. Pete talked about how he buys houses at 50 cents on the dollar or less, how he makes offers to banks on foreclosed properties, how he uses mold and lead-based paint tests to justify his offers and more. Pete also talked about his upcoming 3 Day Boot Camp on August 20th – 22nd with his brother Tony Youngs and what they will be teaching during the event. Click here for more information on Pete & Tony Youngs 3 Day Boot Camp on August 20-22, 2011 or watch the webcast replay below. Read More→


The Key is Finding MOTIVATED Sellers

Posted on March 21, 2011 by

The Key is Finding MOTIVATED SellersAs folks pass from their thirties into their forties, they suddenly realize that sixty-five and retirement isn’t that far away. They also realize that Social Security is a great retirement plan…if the thought of living under a bridge and eating cold beans out of a can is appealing.

These realizations are why Kim and I are asked to speak to groups around the country about real estate investing. Most folks know that more people achieve financial freedom through real estate than from any other type of investment.

There are lots of reasons why real estate is a great investment/retirement vehicle. Here are just three: 1) Rental income has a very low tax rate. Remember, how much you keep is more important than how much you make. 2) Everybody needs a place to live and about 37% of Americans rent, not own, a home. 3) In the end, the tenant pays off the property for you!

We’re often asked, “To be a successful real estate investor, what is the MOST important thing that I need to do?” Easy answer: Read More→


We see them all over the roads today.  Growing in popularity, Hybrid vehicles are beginning to offer an enticing option to dependence on foreign oil supplies.  Similarly, the Buy Low, Rent Smart, Sell High lease/purchase model offers investors a Hybrid of the “buy and flip” and “buy and hold” investment models.

Most residential investment models resemble and can be grouped into one of two general categories.  Each has a major flaw that concerns many investors who consider or invest in each model.

The “buy and flip” model by definition is for the investor who seeks to purchase property at a discount, oftentimes improve the property, then sell the property quickly for immediate gain.  This model is ideal for investors who have no interest in landlording, as the “buy and flip” investor does not intend to seek a tenant for the property in advance of sale.

The main problem with the “buy and flip” model is that if a buyer does not come by quickly, then the investor is faced with discounting the property and/or involving a real estate agent in the marketing of the property.  Due to this possibility, most “buy and flip” investors need a discount of 25% or more even after adjusting for the necessary repairs and improvement.  With such high investor discounts, the pool of properties available with such significant discounts is often small.  Simply put, the higher the discount the investor needs to make his or her model work, generally the fewer properties available at such a steep discount. Read More→


The Three Faces of Foreclosures

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So you want to invest in residential foreclosures?  Not sure quite where to start?  It is helpful to understand first that there are three faces to “foreclosures”, each with very different characteristics.

The first face of foreclosure investing is the “pre-foreclosure”.  The pre-foreclosure period begins when a homeowner gets behind on his or her loan, and ends with the foreclosure sale.  The pre-foreclosure phase itself is divided into two stages.

The first stage covers the period of time beginning when the homeowner misses their first mortgage payment, and ends in the final month preceding the impending foreclosure sale.  During this time if a homeowner is not already marketing their home, it will be up to the investor to reach out to and find these distressed homeowners through ads (“We buy homes fast” and “We have CASH for homes”) and networking.

The second stage occurs during the final month leading up to foreclosure.  The precise laws differ from state to state, but most states require some form of public notification of a pending foreclosure.  Investors can seek out these notifications, and many have ample contact information for the investors to approach the distressed homeowner. Many larger communities have a number of online and subscription services which compile the pending foreclosures in a specific geographic range.  You can also network within your local real estate investors association and/or do an internet search (e.g. “foreclosure listings in order to find these publications and services). Read More→


Should an investor swim or reach for a life preserver?

Just a few years ago, the number of real estate investors was growing by leaps and bounds; however, today many investors that were attracted to real estate in the early part of this decade due to skyrocketing property values have retreated to the sidelines.  The market has been cooling nationwide, and so it seems has the appetite of many investors.  The million dollar question is, are they right?  Should other investors follow their lead?

To help answer this question, let’s look at a similar occurrence that happened in the late 1990s in the stock market.  Stocks began to appreciate rapidly in the mid 1990s. In response, stock investment clubs popped up all over the country. The increased interest in the stock market drew more attention to stocks from previously inactive and novice investors. This brought more money into the stock market, which in turn drove prices even higher. The bubble burst on the stock market in the early 2000s. Stock investment clubs closed and interest in the stock market waned in response to the declining values.

The end of the bull market and start of a bear market in the early 2000s sent many of these new stock investors to the sidelines, just as real estate investors attracted to skyrocketing property values earlier this decade have also just recently retreated to the sidelines. As we asked above, are the retreating investors right? The answer is a resounding NO. Read More→


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Wholesaling is a great strategy for making quick cash, low risk, without the use of your credit, income, or money (when done correctly). Wholesaling real estate is among the most popular investment strategies because anyone can do it — you don’t need a real estate license or a lot of money to start. And once you start, it’s nearly impossible to keep the money from pouring into your bank account.

This is the Atlanta REIA Wholesale 101 Workshop taught by Russ Hiner. We will teach you the 2011 wholesale strategies you need to succeed. There is no need for you to have money out of your pocket or credit, you do no repairs or work yourself and they are usually done in a few days or weeks. Read More→


Andy Heller

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Andy HellerNeither Andy Heller nor his real estate partner Scott Frank, ever intended to become full time real estate investors. However, in their approximately 40 years of combined real estate investing, they have developed a long term real estate investing strategy that has allowed them to make loads of money while minimizing their time, effort and headaches.

On a part-time basis, while involved in successful non-real estate careers and putting their families first, Scott and Andy have bought, rented and sold approximately 100 homes. Additionally, in many years, they have made more money in their 2-5 hour a week “side real estate investing job” than in their 40+ hour per week day job. Read More→




How many times have you had this conversation in the past year? Almost everything we knew in real estate last year has changed immensely. Yes, it’s changing daily!!! This makes it very challenging to launch successfully in 2011… IF you are not educated! Times are financially tough, but never too tough to neglect education! Remember the saying by Derek Bok, the former president of Harvard University: “If you think education is expensive, try ignorance”

Many of us became ‘seminar junkies’ in hopes that we will become the next Donald Trump or at least better our income. Unfortunately, a seminar junkie spends thousands of dollars driving from bootcamp to bootcamp, but never really earns back the investment or fully understands how to put the education into action. After attending these seminars, we are still are afraid to get going due to the minimal education and direction provided at the seminar or due to the lack of money. Even worse, you may have found out that what you have been doing in the past isn’t working now! 2011 is one of the best years ever to invest in real estate and you can do it with “no money” and “no credit!”

What, you say? HOW???? Watch to our new live Real Estate Junkie Webcast on Tuesday, January 11th (and the first Tuesday of each month) from 7:00 PM to 8PM ET!!

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Don DeRosa

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Don DeRosaDon DeRosa is a real estate investor, author, teacher, coach and national speaker.  He is past president of Georgia Real Estate Investors Association. Don is also an an active Charter Business Member of the Atlanta Real Estate Investors Alliance (Atlanta REIA).  Don has trained thousands of new and experienced investors to build wealth in real estate using the same techniques that helped him build his fortune, particularly buying with owner financing, using private money, creatively structuring deals and selling quickly in any market. Read More→


Want to Learn Real Estate Investing From a Living Legend?

Last week, I interviewed the “Guru of all Real Estate Gurus,” Ron LeGrand. The webinar was an amazing success and we maxed out our available number of “seats”. We had quite a few people ask if there was a way they could watch a replay because they missed it or because there may have been a detail or two that they missed. You’re in luck. We recorded it! And you can see it below.

Ron went over the 4 basic models of real estate, and will show you how to be profitable in all 4. Not only that, but he actually gives away something of great value ($497) at the very end of the webinar! Read More→


Guess Who’s Coming to Atlanta? WOW!

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Ron LeGrandDid you read the blog post and email I sent to you yesterday? Did you hear the GREAT news?

Clear your calendar for Tuesday, December 21st for 7:00 PM ET, because… We’re having a Webinar with the one and only RON LEGRAND!!!

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This is THE guy who has single-handedly taught an uncountable number of students how to do real estate deals so well that they became millionaires.

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