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How to Appeal Your Property Taxes

Posted on July 25, 2011 by

Tax Bill - Property TaxesIf you own real estate in Georgia, then you probably just received an Annual Notice of Assessment from your county’s Tax Assessors Office.

If you are like most property owners, you have four basic questions:  1) What is the Tax Assessors Office?  2) What is an Annual Notice of Assessment?  3) How are property taxes determined?  4) Can I get my property taxes lowered?

The Tax Assessors Office is misnamed!  It should be called the Property Appraisers Office – ‘cause that’s what they do.  They determine a property’s fair market value (FMV).  They don’t set tax rates.  Who sets your tax rates?  YOU DO!  Elected officials – the folks YOU elect – set YOUR tax rates.  Think your taxes are too high?  Blame your elected officials, not the Assessors Office! Read More→


Lenny OgburnOn March 23, 2011, Lenny Ogburn taught a FREE Workshop and Webinar on “How to Appeal Your Property Taxes & Beat the County!” On this special workshop and webcast, Lenny taught us step-by-step how to appeal our property taxes which could save us hundreds if not thousands of dollars each year on our own home as well as our investment properties. This is a workshop and webinar you definitely want to watch. Thanks for teaching this free workshop Lenny, you did a great job! Read More→


Save Hundreds, Even Thousands of Dollars in This Market by Having Your Property Taxes Lowered!

Lenny OgburnLenny Ogburn has always been an entrepreneur and investor, owning a partnership in 3 video stores in the early 1990’s, owing over a dozen rental properties and self storage units, rehabbed and/or flipped over 30 properties, has invested in car notes, business notes and real estate notes.

In 1998, when he bought his present home at a great price, paying the sellers asking price and acquiring it by a subject-to deal, the county that year raised his property tax value to over $60,000 higher than the purchase price of his home. Having bought 7 properties that year, Lenny quickly realized that buying properties as an investor was tough to make cash flow from the rentals when the county jacked the values for investors and home owners.

Having lower fair market tax values helps a landlord/owner with making a property carry a positive cash-flow. Lenny dug in, learned the laws regarding property taxes, fought the counties, sometimes even taking the cases to Superior court, and wining lower tax valuations even in a rising market. Lenny has been fighting tax increase ever since and teaches other investors how to lower their property taxes.

On Wednesday, March 23 at 6PM, Lenny is going to be teaching a FREE Workshop and Webinar on “How to Appeal Your Property Taxes & Beat the County!” You can attend this FREE event live and in person at 1960 Skylar Hill Dr, Suite D, in Buford, GA (map) or on a live webcast via Register now for FREE and we will email you information on how to attend the webinar. Read More→


Are Your Property Taxes Too High?

Posted on March 18, 2011 by

Are Your Property Taxes Too High?Do you think your property taxes are too high?  If you do, how do you get them lowered?  And who’s responsible for determining the amount you pay in property taxes, anyway?

Let’s begin with the last question first.  I greatly respect and much admire the folks who work in the Tax Assessor’s office.  They have a daunting, thankless job!

When Kim and I first began disputing our property taxes in 2006, I viewed the Tax Assessor’s office as my adversary.  Over the years, after spending a lot of time getting to know these folks and learning how the process works, I now realize how WRONG I was. Read More→