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How to do “Subject-To” Investing
with Mark Durham & Attorney Bob Witcher

Robert WitcherLast month, local real estate expert Don DeRosa introduced our group to “Subject-To” investing. Due to overwhelming demand from our members, this month at our Creative Financing Group meeting on Wednesday, June 8th at 6:30 PM at Champps at 7955 North Point Parkway in Alpharetta, GA (map), subgroup leader and real estate expert Mark Durham and local real estate attorney Robert “Bob” Witcher will discuss in further detail how you can buy houses “subject-to” without qualifying for a loan and with little or no money down. Attorney Witcher will discuss the forms and language you need to use to protect yourself as an investor as well as your seller.

  • If you don’t have good credit or a lot of cash to invest, but want to get in the real estate investing game, you can get started by buying houses without qualifying for a loan or having a lot of cash.
  • If you’re renting and want to own, or if you’re tired of your current home and want to move, you can buy a beautiful new home in an nice neighborhood and possibly pay less than you are paying in rent or on your current mortgage, without going to the bank for financing.

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Mark Durham

Posted on March 5, 2011 by

Mark DurhamMark Durham  has been studying and investing in real estate since 1982.

In 1980, Mark turned his lifelong love of tennis into a career and became a USPTA Certified Tennis Professional. He moved to Florida to start his tennis career.

Mark became interested in real estate in 1982, and began studying and investing in real estate at the same time he was advancing his tennis career.

Mark moved back to Georgia in 1986 and opened Tennis Atlanta, a company that provides tennis services to private and public tennis facilities. He continued to study and invest in real estate while running Tennis Atlanta. Read More→