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Jeff KallerI just loaded a few videos you will not want to miss. A friend of mine is using foreclosure defense strategies to buy houses at steep discounts. Like REALLY STEEP DISCOUNTS. But he is also taking all his dead leads that the sellers do not want to sell no matter what the reason and turning them into cash. So his mail campaigns cost nothing, he gets free leads and uses the attorney group to buy these properties at an absolute steal. It’s a powerful one two punch that helps homeowners and give you a super competitive edge. Need I say more? After the video you can see Jeff live teaching how to live debt free using these Foreclosure defense strategies. Click here to watch these killer videos.


Jeff Kaller

Posted on May 3, 2011 by

Jeff KallerA graduate of Appalachian State University, Jeff Kaller has been self-employed as a real estate investor, promoter and real estate trainer for many years. For 17 years he has successfully taught over 100,000 students his proprietary method of short sales. During his career, he has purchased and sold over 400 single family properties, and he and his affiliates have negotiated in excess of One Billion Dollars in short sale debt.