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“We should not only use the brains we have, but all that we can borrow.”
Thomas Woodrow Wilson

Home Builder Pro Calcs AppOne of the scariest things for new – and even experienced – investors is estimating the cost of repairs on a prospective investment property. If you’re off by even a little, it can cost you thousands in profits. If you’re off by a LOT, well, instead of walking away from the closing with a check for thousands, you might be bringing money to the table.

Finding a reliable contractor is a good first step. (Hint: go to your REIA meetings and network. Ask for recommendations. Interview several.) But the best way to know that you’ve got a good estimate is to become familiar with determining what repairs are needed and how much they cost.

So where do you start? One of the best apps I’ve seen to guide you through this process is the Home Builder Pro Calcs app. (At press time, this app costs $4.99 on the App Store and can be used on the iPhone and iPad.)  Read More→


iPad Workshop with Don DeRosaIf you want to learn how to use the iPad to revolutionize your business, come join us at for Part 2 of the iPad Workshop with Don DeRosa on Wednesday, July 6th at 5 PM at our Atlanta REIA North Office located at 1960 Skylar Hill Dr in Buford just a few miles from the Mall of Georgia or online via The workshop is only $10 for Gold Members, $20 for Silver Members and $30 for guests.

PLEASE NOTE: If you attended PART 1 of the iPad Workshop on June 22nd, you can attend this 2nd iPad Workshop at NO CHARGE by using coupon code “IPADPART1“. If you are an Atlanta REIA Member and missed the first workshop, you can pay to attend Part 2 of this iPad Workshop and watch a replay of Part 1and Part 2 on the Members Only Section of as they becomes available.

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Pete YoungsDon DerosaCome to the Atlanta REIA Main Meeting on March 7th at the W Hotel Atlanta Perimeter for a SNEAK PREVIEW to find out how the iPad gives you a HUGE competitive advantage and all the confidence you need in your real estate investing business.

Don DeRosa & Pete Youngs on Using the iPad for Real Estate InvestingSee Don DeRosa and Pete Youngs show you how the iPad will totally change the way you do business…saving you countless hours of time, and giving you access to everything you need to run your real estate investing business, wherever you are.

With the simple iPad apps at your fingertips, see how you’ll get a lead, follow up immediately, evaluate the deal and decide whether to go on the appointment. Before your competition has booted up a laptop, found a Wifi Hot Spot, logged in to email and called the seller.  Now that’s competitive advantage. Read More→


Webcast on Using the iPad with Don DeRosaDon DeRosa is this month’s special guest on the What’s Hot in Real Investing Webcast. Everyone has probably heard about the hot new iPad, but most think its just a toy. Well, this month, on January 18th at 7PM ET, Don is going to show us how he uses the iPad as an integral TOOL to run his real estate investing business and not just as a TOY. Log on in to see how the iPad and the right training can totally revolutionize your real estate investing business in 2011 and beyond! Register for the Webcast Now!

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Don DeRosa

Posted on January 10, 2011 by

Don DeRosaDon DeRosa is a real estate investor, author, teacher, coach and national speaker.  He is past president of Georgia Real Estate Investors Association. Don is also an an active Charter Business Member of the Atlanta Real Estate Investors Alliance (Atlanta REIA).  Don has trained thousands of new and experienced investors to build wealth in real estate using the same techniques that helped him build his fortune, particularly buying with owner financing, using private money, creatively structuring deals and selling quickly in any market. Read More→