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Kimberlee Frank, the Real Estate JunkieAre you having problems getting your BPO or appraisal low enough on your short sale offers? Is the lender saying the house is worth far more than it really is and declining your reasonable short sale payoff offer? Are your short sale offers being rejected because of this? If so, you need to watch this webcast with Kimberlee Frank. On this webcast, Kimberlee talked about how to influence the BPO or appraisal and how to use repair estimates to convince the bank to accept your short sale offer. Read More→


Kimberlee Frank, the Real Estate JunkieDoes the following conversation sound familiar?

MITIGATOR: Our counteroffer is $79,000.

YOU: WHAT? The buyer offered $30,000, which IS current market value and current as-is value! We had the BPO last week, where did the value come in at?

MITIGATOR: It came in at $79,000 so you need to call the buyer and get them as close to $79,000 as possible. We need to net 91% of that, which is $71,100.

YOU: I don’t understand, this house is saturated with pet urine and needs $20,000+ in repairs???

This is a real story of a real deal and the person doing this short sale DID NOT ATTEND THE BPO!!! Do you wonder why the value was so exaggerated? They will go round and round with the lender on this file for the next 4 months until that BPO value expires and they can order a new one. SO… is the BPO a deal-maker or a deal-breaker? The answer is YES!

Are you personally attending each of your BPO appointments armed with an all-inclusive packet for your BPO agent? IF NOT, you are throwing yourself up against a brick wall! Ouch!

Is your BPO producing a short sale value? Make your next BPO your BEST BPO!

Join our call on February 8th at 7pm Eastern and let Kimberlee Frank, the BPO Queen, share her most effective tips regarding influencing the BPO.

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