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Gordon CattsThis workshop examines the relationship between a properties rental income and its value. This class examines the principle of substitution and explains the use of this principle in valuing single family and small income producing properties. Sources of “comparable” information will be identified. “As-is Value” will be discussed. We will examine methodology for determining what an investor should pay for a property. Selling price strategies will be covered as well as determining the target market for the property. We will discuss what to do when a property does not appraise. We will examine what constitutes a “real” comp. With the large foreclosure inventory and properties selling for considerably less than they did several years ago, it is critical to be able to look at pricing objectively and avoid overpaying for a property.

At this workshop you will hear from an appraiser who is in the trenches valuing property for banks, mortgage lenders, asset managers, investors as well as doing appraisals and review appraisals for federal institutions. His insights into the lender point of view will be of great benefit for you.

Listen to a Real Estate Agent actively involved with short sales and and his investor clients. He brings an agent’s insights into the evaluation process and how he helps determine an investors “buy price” vs their “sell price”.

Charlie Stroul, with Haines Information Services, will show us the power of the Criss Cross Plus Real Estate System, a paid service for pulling comps, as well as how to use the system for marketing to sellers.

Additionally Gordon will share a number of free sites as well as showing you how to utilize public and near public information. He will share a new information tool that few people even know exists.

Determining Property Values Workshop on April 16th, 2011

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