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Tidal Wave Warning: Real Estate Investors Know the
Real Estate Market is Swelling with Opportunity!

Grab those Real Estate Investment Opportunities and
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Cash Flow Real Estate in Your IRA? You Betcha!

The folks on TV talk a lot about the importance of funding your IRA – and they’re always on about investing in stocks, bonds and mutual funds. Some of the more conservative pundits also mention annuities and CDs. But what if you’re not thrilled with the prospects for return in any of these assets?

After all, interest rates are still near record lows all along the length of the yield curve, and bonds may well not even keep up with inflation. Stocks, as an asset class, are limited by a slow outlook for growth – and stock dividends are nowhere near what they were a generation ago. Mutual funds? Well, you can’t get blood out of a stone. Fund returns are limited by the opportunities in the asset classes from which they come.

One option that is less well-known is this: Investing in real estate within your IRA. The tax code doesn’t restrict you to stocks, bonds, annuities and CDs in your IRA or any other retirement fund. In fact, with just a few restrictions on investing in life insurance, jewelry, gemstones, collectibles and certain forms of precious metals, you can take advantage of tax deferral in an IRA to invest in almost anything you can imagine. Read More→


Jim Hitt

Posted on October 14, 2011 by

Jim HittFor 30+ years, Jim Hitt has been committed to all aspects of investing, using self -directed IRAs for his own investments since 1982.

Jim’s forte is the financing and acquisition of real estate, private offerings, mortgage lending, business’s, joint ventures, partnerships and limited liability companies using creative techniques. He has developed, owned, and managed everything from single family homes to multi-unit commercial properties and million dollar business’s. Read More→