The Goblins Are Coming! Are You Afraid?!?

Posted on October 30, 2013 by
The Goblins Are Coming!
Are You Afraid?!?

Fear MonsterDon’t let them scare you! Now of course we don’t get scared by the Goblins on Halloween, but many times we do let the Goblins scare us the rest of the year… scare us away from doing profitable deals.

After all, many of us get scared away from potential deals because we think they won’t work for us. Or we don’t know how to structure them correctly and get our agreements in writing. Or we don’t know how to negotiate to achieve a favorable outcome. Or we are simply afraid to talk to sellers our of plain old fear of rejection.

If the Goblins of fear, lack of knowledge, or the difficulty of a deal, or some other Fear Monster is lurking in your mind and is stopping you from finding and closing on a deal, we have the solution for you…

The King of Kitchen Table Negotiators, aka The King of Creative Seller Financing, Larry Harbolt, is teaching a Full Day Workshop this Saturday, November 2nd on creative buying and selling and negotiating deals that others don’t see or know how to structure.

Let Larry help give you the knowledge and confidence you need to tame your Fear Monster so you can make your real estate investments truly profitable for you and your family.

And TODAY is the last day to Take Advantage of the 2-for-1 Early Registration Special before prices go up and become a per person price.

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