Get Your Shorts Sales Approved Faster. Learn How on Tonight’s Webinar with Kimberlee Frank

Posted on August 10, 2010 by

Kimberlee Frank of Foreclosures Gone WildDo you need to get your Short Sales through Faster? Are you unsure why your short sale is taking so long? Have you submitted all the documents and it seems like the mortgage company has put the brakes on your deal? Join Super Smart Power Hour with Kimberlee Frank a licensed Real Estate Broker/Investor who will share the secrets of her success to get the short sale approved faster than before. The mortgage industry has changed and it has caused a delay in getting your files approved. Learn what additional forms are necessary to get them accepted quickly. Kimberlee will be sharing with us all the latest tips and tricks on short sales and answer your questions on this monthly webinar. Join us on the webinar on first Tuesday of every month!

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