Real Estate Investing 101 Workshop on February 28, 2015 with Russ Hiner & Rock Shukoor

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Sat, February 28th, 9am-5pm – Buford, GA
Real Estate Investing 101
with Russ Hiner & Rock Shukoor
February 28, 9AM-5PM
1960 Skylar Hill Dr, Suite D, Buford, GA
It’s a proven fact that real estate has created more millionaires than any other investment in history, so what’s stopping you from being the next real estate multi-millionaire?

Workshop is being CANCELLED/POSTPONED. We will notify you when and if Russ reschedules the event.

  • No Cash?
  • No Credit?
  • No Training?
  • No Experience?
  • No Mentor?
  • No Resources?
  • No Deals?
  • No Confidence?
  • Fear of Risk?
  • Fear of Rejection?
  • Don’t Know How to Negotiate?
  • Don’t Want Tenants?
  • Don’t Know Where to Start?
  • Don’t Have the Legal Docs?
  • Don’t Have Any Buyer or Seller Leads?
  • Any Other Reasons Not Mentioned Here?

Rock ShukoorIf any of the reasons above fit you, don’t feel bad since you aren’t alone. These are valid reasons and they stop 90% of investors from taking action or taking the next step once they have found a nice deal. On on Saturday, February 28th from 9AM to 5PM at1960 Skylar Hill Dr, Suite D in Buford, Georgia, Russ Hiner and Rock Shukoor will share information you would not find anywhere else on how to overcome these issues so you can become successful in real estate investing. They will share:

  • 7 Ways To Find 7 Deals In 7 Days
  • New Tools And Techniques That Work In Today’s Market
  • How To Structure Deals Creatively
  • How To Protect Yourself And Minimize Risk When Investing
  • How To Make Your Phone Ring Non-Stop Using Direct Mail Marketing
  • How To Build A Buyers List Of Cash Investors
  • Knowing If An Opportunity Is A Deal Or A Dud
  • Screening And Prescreening The Deals
  • How To Sell Houses At Lightning Speed
  • How To Get To Payday Quickly
  • How To Follow Up On Your Deals And Closings
  • How To Say Good Bye To Fears And Act In Spite Of Them Knowing That You Have 2 Investors With 50 Years Of Experience On Your Side.
  • And Much, Much, More…

Workshop is being CANCELLED/POSTPONED. We will notify you when and if Russ reschedules the event.

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PLEASE NOTE: Workshop date, time and location are subject to change. Workshop prices will increase to $59.95/person for Gold Members, $89.95/person for Silver Members and $129.95/person for Non-Members after early registration expires. Non-Members who join Atlanta REIA between January 1st – 12th can attend the workshop for FREE. Also, Atlanta REIA Members who renew their membership for an additional year between January 1st – 12th can attend the workshop for FREE as well. When joining Atlanta REIA or renewing your membership, please indicate that you want to attend the workshop at no charge. You can join Atlanta REIA at

Rock Shukoor is the president of Platinum Key Management Inc. He has been a full-time real estate investor for over a decade. He is one of the top marketing and business consultants in the country for real estate investors as well as business owners. He is a graduated and master in real estate investing, a leading expert in creative financing, a coach to hundreds of successful investors around the country, a sought after speaker and presenter in the areas of real estate investing and an active investor himself. He is the leader of a Marketing and education group called AIM, short for All Inclusive Marketing. Rock is also the author of 5 books on real estate investing and marketing.

Russ Hiner has spent 30 years on reaching his goals and becoming an expert. He has worked with Rich Dad and Russ Whitney as a mentor for 13 years. Russ has actively Played the real estate game including working everyday doing wholesales, buy, fix & sells, lease options, rentals, creating notes and buying and selling on Contract For Deeds. Russ has played the roles of being a buyer, a seller a rehabber and a lender in real life situations and has became an expert at all those areas. Now you too can benefit from his knowledge and experience by working with him.

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