Mobile Real Estate Rockstars Workshop

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Sat, Feb 22nd @ 9:00 AM – Atlanta, GA

Atlanta REIA Presents…
The All New Mobile Real Estate Rockstars Workshop
How to Use Mobile Technology for Fun & Profit!
With Don DeRosa on Feb 22, 2014 from 9AM – 5PM

Don DeRosaOn Saturday, February 22, 2014 from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm (check in starts at 8:30 am) at the Crowne Plaza Ravinia Hotel located at 4355 Ashford Dunwoody Road in Atlanta, GA, Don DeRosa will teach you how to fully leverage your real estate investing business using mobile devices at the Mobile Real Estate Rockstars Workshop which was formerly known as the iPad Workshop/Bootcamp.

Do you have a an iPad, tablet or smart phone that you’re using to make calls, surf the internet, send email and play games, but not much else? Would you like to learn how to use your mobile devices to revolutionize the way you run your Real Estate Investment business?

If so, Don would like to show you how to take your business with you where ever you go and have all your comp’s, photos and paperwork right in your palm!!!

Come join us at the workshop and let Don show you how to leverage all of your mobile devices to make you the most effective, competitive, profitable real estate investor you can be.

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Here’s what Don DeRosa has to say about his new class…

Technology has changed. Your competitors are changing with it. Will you be left behind?

One of the keys to good management is the productive use of available technology. And boy, has it ever changed in the last 20 years!

In 1997, when I started investing in real estate, Internet Explorer was only two years old. Mobile phone providers were just starting to offer digital signals as well as analog. USB ports were cutting edge, and flash drives wouldn’t be available for another three years. Even though I was tech-savvy, I was still very dependent on low-tech solutions like filing cabinets and calculators and old-fashioned film cameras.

But things have changed. Technology has given us productivity potential that was unimaginable 20 years ago.

And like it or not, smart use of that technology by your competitors has raised the bar for YOU as well.

Are you still resisting 21st Century technology? Take this quiz!

  • Did you get your cellphone for free? Does it only make phone calls?
  • Do you have to ask your six-year-old nephew how to attach a document to an email?
  • Have you ever texted? Did you have to take a heart pill afterwards?
  • Is your paperwork spread all over the dining room table?
  • Do you have every piece of paper you might possibly want at your fingertips – if you can find it, that is – except the one you actually need at any particular moment?

Yes, you know who you are. You’re proud of your cheap phone! You text only under threat of death, because you have to push every button three times just to type in a single letter. You’re still trying to figure out faxing. And by gosh, you’re never going paperless, thank you very much.

Does this sound like you?

If so, did you know you’re losing almost an hour a day by living in the past?

That’s right. Experts say that people waste an average of 45 minutes per day looking for things they’ve misplaced.

You can get that 45 minutes back.

I’ve been investing in real estate since 1997. With the newest technology, I’ve been able to roll so much of my work and personal life into my iPad that I save at least an hour a day. That’s time I can spend looking for prospects, or having lunch with my wife, or hanging out with my kids.

Your Smartphone Can Change Your Life.

I’ve simplified my entire life by integrating it into smartphone technology. My iPad can communicate with my staff, manage my expenses, and give me directions to the next house. It can find neighborhood comps, and take high-quality pictures and video. It can “park” pictures or contracts or handwritten notes in the cloud, so my staff and I can both get to them easily. It can keep my calendar and tell me when I need to be at my son’s soccer game. And most importantly, it can save me enough time to be at that game.

Is it Ever Too Late to Start Learning?

Using an iPad or smartphone isn’t intuitive. It requires training, and patience, and practice. It also requires willingness – the willingness to start at the very beginning and ask lots of questions even if you think they’re really dumb. Even if you’re an expert, there’s always more to learn.

Luckily, I’ve done the hardest work for you already. I’ve researched the hardware and the applications, and found the ones that are most helpful to real estate investors. I’ve learned how to use them, and customized them especially for you.

Now I want to pass that knowledge along, because I love having that extra hour every day. And I know you will, too!

But what if it’s too late to learn? What if the technology train left the station so long ago that there’s no hope of ever catching up? Even if you were ready to learn, where on earth would you start?

Or maybe you’re on the other end of the scale: You’re pretty comfortable with your iPad or Android, and you’ve put it to good use, but you wonder if it can do even more than you know.

Either way, this class is for you. For the beginner, I’ll start by showing you how to turn on your device. And for the experienced user, I’ll show you some tricks and tips that will increase your productivity even more.

Here’s just some of what you’ll get out of this course:

You will:

  • Learn how to convert the contents of your huge, cumbersome file cabinets into neat, easy-to-retrieve files on your smartphone or iPad.  
  • Learn how your smartphone can manage your time and expenses.
  • Learn how you can look up comps, send documents, get directions, and much, much more – without ever stepping out of your car!
  • Learn to integrate your personal and business lives so you have more time to enjoy both.
  • Learn how to link contracts, spreadsheets, photos, and more into single folders available at a moment’s notice.
  • Learn how to send documents, pictures, and even hand-written notes to anyone you choose, at a moment’s notice.

Better yet: You’ll be learning these skills and much more alongside your peers in a highly interactive environment.

I hope you’ll consider joining me for one of these valuable sessions. After all, knowledge is power, and it’s there for the asking.

And that technology train isn’t going to slow down for anybody.

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Don DeRosaDon DeRosa is recognized as one of the nation’s top 21 real estate investors in the New York Times bestseller “The Millionaire Real Estate Investor”. Don, who is a full-time investor, trainer, and mentor, is the first to offer his complete investing system on a mobile platform. Don teaches investors how to Make More and Work Less by being more efficient, productive and competitive, leveraging mobile technology and apps on the iPad, iPhone, Android and other mobile devices.


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