Mobile Real Estate Rockstar Workshop on April 18, 2015

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Sat, April 18th at 9AM – Buford, GA
Join Don DeRosa, “The Mobile Investor”
– And Learn the Secrets of –

How to Buy & Sell Houses With Nothing But an iPad & a Cell Phone!
A Full Day Workshop with Don DeRosa
Sat, April 18th, 9AM-5PM
1960 Skylar Hill Dr, Suite D, Buford, GA

EVENT SOLD OUT. CALL 678-701-7160 to see if any seats become available.

Don DeRosaMost people only use their smartphones & tablets to talk, text, play games, and watch videos. But did you know that you can also use your iPhone or Android to successfully invest in Real Estate?

The real estate investing game can be confusing. There’s so much to learn, and things always seem to change very quickly. By the time you’ve found a possible deal, analyzed the comps, estimated the repairs, crunched the numbers, written up your offer and presented it to the seller, someone else has already come in and bought it while you were still moving in slow motion!

That’s exactly what was happening to Don. So he decided to do something about it! By combining his love of technology along with his knowledge & experience in real estate, Don began putting together something new and amazing. The result?

The World’s First Paperless, Wireless, Mobile, Lightning-Fast Real Estate Investing System!

Imagine This: You’ve found a deal. You’re at the seller’s house, and everything seems to look good… but you suspect the sellers might have an appointment with your competition later. You need to lock this deal down NOW so you don’t lose it. NO problem! You smile as you pull out your iPad, tap a few apps, run a few numbers, and… BAM!

In just a few moments, you’ve run the comps, estimated the repairs, made your offer to the seller, gotten them to sign the contract, then submitted that contract to your title company, your attorney, and the seller… All BEFORE leaving their house!

Best of all, it was not only easy but FUN to do it all that way!

  • Do you think that might help you to buy a few more houses this year?
  • Do you think that might help you stand apart from your competitors?
  • Can you see how having that power might help make your life easier?

What You’ll Learn…

  • How to find leads on your cell phone/iPad
  • How to easily run your business from the palm of your hand!
  • How to Buy & Sell Houses from Anywhere by Using Technology
  • How to Automate all the parts of the business that suck up your time (you hate these anyway)
  • Killer negotiation tactics that will put more cash in your pocket on almost every deal.
  • And a LOT More!!

Be sure to bring your tablet, smartphone or notebook!

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