Grow Your Wealth With The Financial Calculator Workshop

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Sat, Feb 23 at 9AM – Hilton Garden Inn, Cartersville, GA
Grow Your Wealth With The Financial Calculator
A Full Day Workshop with Bill & Kim Cook
Saturday, February 23, 2013 from 9am – 5pm
At the Hilton Garden Inn, Cartersville, GA

Bill & Kim CookWant to know how to use the financial calculator to help determine whether the deal you are working on is worth pursuing?

Want to know how to calculate the mortgage payments when a homeowner says “Yes!” to your offer of “Will you owner finance?”

Want to know how long it will take you to pay off your credit card balance, or how much interest you will have paid on your mortgage ten years from now?

Want to learn how wealthy people just keep getting wealthier? It isn’t a secret. They simply understand Money. Learning the financial calculator will help you construct safer, better, more profitable Real Estate Investing Deals!

Join us for an eye-opening, full day workshop on Creating Wealth by Understanding the Power of the Financial Calculator!

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Financial Calculator Workshop Flyer

Bill and Kim Cook Present:

SEMINAR: How to Use a Financial Calculator

WHEN: Saturday, February 23, 2013, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

WHERE: We meet at the beautiful Hilton Garden Inn in Cartersville, Georgia, at Exit #288 (Main Street) off I-75. To see the map, go here:

COST: $149 per person (spouse attends for ½ price)

WHAT’S INCLUDED: Our How to Use a Financial Calculator workbook

WHAT YOU NEED TO BRING: We exclusively use the HP 10Bii (a.k.a. 10-B-2) financial calculator. We STRONGLY recommend you use In A Day Development’s smartphone application instead of Hewett Packard’s handheld calculator! The app costs about $5.99 and works with most smart phones and tablets. There are some minor differences between the handheld calculator and In A Day Development’s application. Get the application – it’s MUCH better than the handheld version! Plus, instead of having to dig around searching for a handheld calculator, it’s right there on your smart phone or tablet!


You’re probably thinking: Why do I need to know how to use a financial calculator? After all, I’ve never heard any of those how-to-become-a-millionaire-in-thirty-days gurus talking about financial calculators.

A contractor’s most important tool is a hammer. A NASCAR driver’s most important tool is a race car. An NFL quarterback’s most important tool is a football. Can any of these professionals do their job WITHOUT their most important tool?

The same is true for real estate investors. Without question, an investor’s MOST IMPORTANT TOOL is a financial calculator.

Can you answer these four problems?

PROBLEM 1: You meet with a motivated seller who must sell his house immediately. He owns his house free and clear. He agrees to sell you his $90,000 three-bedroom, two-bath ranch for $45,000. It’s in a great area, needs no work and comparable properties in the area rent for $900/month. On top of all this, the seller agrees to give you owner financing! Do you know how to structure this incredible deal? If you don’t, then you just walked away from one whopper of an opportunity that offered both equity and cash flow!

PROBLEM 2: You’re offered the opportunity to buy a used two-bedroom, two-bath mobile home in a park for $2,500. The trailer needs a $500 rehab. You can sell it for $9,000 with the following terms: $500 down, 18.07% interest for 48 months. Do you know how to determine the buyer’s monthly payments? Do you know how to determine your projected yield on this deal? If you don’t, then you just walked away from a deal that offers a 118.7% yield on your investment dollars!

PROBLEM 3: You meet with a seller. He agrees to give you owner-financing with zero down and payments of $300 per month. The house will rent for $850 per month. Monthly expenses (taxes, insurance, repairs and vacancies) will run about 30% of rents. You want to make at least an 8% return on your investment dollars. Do you know how to figure the most you can pay for this property while making an 8% return? If you don’t, then you just walked away from a deal that offers $295 in monthly cash flow – plus all the tax benefits that come with owning rental property!

PROBLEM 4: You meet with a motivated seller. Properties in her neighborhood sell for $90,000. She’s open to a Subject-to Deal. You ask, “Do you know your current mortgage balance?” She answers, “I need to find my mortgage information.” She does know that she got a 30-year, 5.5% interest mortgage in February 2001. Her payments (principal and interest) are $340 per month. With this information, do you know how to determine the amount of her original mortgage? Do you know how to determine her current mortgage balance? If you don’t, then you just walked away from a deal that has $43,400 in raw equity!

As a successful real estate investor, you meet regularly with sellers who need solutions to their real estate problems. The one tool you can’t live without is a financial calculator. You can hire the contracting work done. You can’t hire the deal-structuring work done – that’s YOUR primary job!

Here’s your chance to finally learn how to use a financial calculator. It’s not sexy, but it is a critical tool in your success toolbox!

We look forward to seeing your smiling face. And remember: We LOVE questions!!! Questions make us all smarter!

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GUARANTEE: Our seminar comes with a 100% no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee. If, for any reason, you do not think our meeting or seminar was worth your valuable time, we will gladly refund all of your money with a smile and no questions asked.

Bill and Kim Cook


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