Breakthrough Real Estate Investing Academy – November 3-6 in Atlanta

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Have you heard all those real estate investing success stories about making tens of thousands of dollars on a single deal? About having enough passive income so you don’t have to work anymore? Are you ready to write your own success story!? Are you ready to Break Through in your real estate investing career?

Then you must attend the Breakthrough Real Estate Investing AcademyNovember 3-6at the Hilton Garden Inn Atlanta Perimeter Center located at 501 Lake Hearn Drive in Atlanta, GA! It’s a brand new, one-of-a-kind event that will cover all of the things you need to do to take advantage of this amazing real estate market. Maybe you’re still trying to land your first deal, but just can’t seem to Break Through whatever is keeping you from getting it done? Or perhaps you’re an experienced investor, but want to leverage the latest techniques to step it up a notch while the getting is good (and the getting is really good, when you know what you’re doing!)

Don DeRosa & Duncan WiermanIf this is you, then check out what you’ll learn at the brand new Breakthrough Real Estate Investing Academy – put on by two experienced investors who know Atlanta and the Southeast, and who always put on education-packed events: Don DeRosa and Duncan Wierman.

PLEASE NOTE: This event currently sells for $2500 on Don and Duncan’s websites, but Don and Duncan, whom are both members and active supporters of Atlanta REIA, have very generously given us a few dozen tickets to this training event to resell as a fundraiser and membership drive for or organization. Therefore Atlanta REIA Members can attend this event for ONLY $99 (Save $2401!) and Non-Members for ONLY $199 (Save $2301). If you are a Non-Member, you should Join Atlanta REIA as a Silver Member for Only $100/year first, then purchase this event for only $99 and get a 1 year membership for the same price as the special guest tuition of $199. Thank you Don and Duncan for this special offer!!!

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Duncan Wierman on the Breakthrough Real Estate Investing Academy

You’ll get completely updated training to address
the issues of THIS market using the most up-to-date,
Amazing Tools, Technology, Techniques…

At this Training Academy you’ll focus on stepping up your business, and breaking through whatever is stopping you — by using the most current technology, tools and techniques to get it done, including

  • Web-based solutions for buying and selling
  • Screen scraping tools for getting sellers to call you
  • Detailed instructions on how to find and use Virtual Assistants
  • iPad apps that save you time, reduce costly mistakes, give you credibility and get your deals done faster
  • Web-based tools for determining the best places to invest (e.g. best school districts, demographics) and where not to invest (sex offenders, below-average schools)

PLUS, one of the biggest obstacles our students face is finding the money to get the deal done. So, at this event, you’ll learn all of the ways to find money for your deals: Private Money, Hard Money and Grant Money!

You’ll have no excuse for not getting as many deals as you want, because you’ll have all of the options at your fingertips, without ever having to go to a bank to get it done.

You’ll learn the latest techniques for Buying – using actual case studies from the last few months. Plus, you’ll learn to structure a deal with almost any lead that comes your way. No more wasting dollars on leads you can’t use!

You’ll discover how to determine whether you should keep this one for long term passive income, or flip it for a quick profit. And you’ll see why that old MAO (Maximum Allowable Offer) doesn’t work anymore when you evaluate properties in this market.

Here’s just a taste of what you’ll learn...

  • Pre-screen sellers using really cool tools, so you’re only talking to qualified prospects!
  • How to maintain a database to easily match potential deals with buyers
  • What web sites and iPad apps to use to decide whether to go on an appointment
  • What’s the most important criteria for deciding where to buy and hold?
  • How to let the system negotiate for you!
  • What paperwork tools makes it ultra-simple for you
  • What to say to Private Lenders so they’ll want to offer you money without you ever asking for it!

You’ve Got To Have Your Exit Strategies
Right To Make Any Money!

If you have houses sitting there draining your bank account, you’ve got to learn how to get MONEY out of them quickly—whether you’re dealing with lease options, retail sales, wholesale flips, owner financing —you’ll put a plan and a system in place to make the most from each. You’ll discover:

  • What are your possible exit strategies and how to know which is right for the property before you buy so you set yourself up for success!
  • Which properties to sell and which to keep in your portfolio – and WHY!
  • How to attract qualified, serious buyers so you don’t waste time on tire kickers!
  • What are inexpensive, simple techniques that will get you high dollar returns when you sell

PLUS: Take Advantage of Technology to CRANK UP
Your Real Estate Investing Business

Intelligent use of technology can mean tens of thousands of dollars more in your bank account every year. When you leave this Academy, you’ll know…

  • How to set up web site and lead management systems
  • How to build a buyers list – so you have an exit strategy before you even buy the house!
  • How to sell your deals virtually (online)
  • How to find a Virtual Assistant for less then $3 per hour!
  • What work to outsource and what you should not outsource
  • How to set up a VA training system so you can offload time consuming, less productive tasks
  • How to manage and pay your Virtual Assistants
  • Learn the whole process for investing ‘virtually’

Plus – Facebook, Twitter and other social media have become critical (and cheap!) communications and marketing tools in this business. If you don’t know how to use them, and your competition does, you’re losing potential buyers and sellers to other investors. But, if you’ve never used them, don’t be intimidated!

You’ll learn step-by-step  how to use Social Media and the Internet to explode your real estate business —

  • Learn the simple-to-use-tools – even for novices
  • Who is your customer and how do you speak to them?
  • What should be on your home page?
  • How to get Buyers to find you easily!
  • What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and how does it work so you can get to the top of the Google page!
  • Which Social Media should you use to promote your business
  • How do you know it’s working?  (Conversion analysis!)

PLUS you’ll have a step-by-step workbook to follow and keep so that you’ll know (and remember) exactly what to do Monday morning, November 7 when you get home!

SPECIAL BONUS – Bring a guest for HALF OFF!

Whether it’s your partner, assistant, or spouse this is a great opportunity to expose them to what’s going on in today’s market. Get them on board to help you achieve your real estate investing goals!

Please keep in mind the event will sell out, and once it’s filled, it’s FILLED! So you definitely want to take action right now to claim your spot, and your GUEST’S seat at this amazing investing academy! Please click the “Add to Cart” link below to complete your registration! And remember, if you are not a member of Atlanta REIA, Join Atlanta REIA as a Silver Member prior to registering for this event for only $100/year, then purchase the event below for only $99 and get a 1 year membership for the same price as the special guest tuition of $199!

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