Atlanta Real Estate Insiders Summit on November 11 – 13, 2011

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Learn from the stars of A&E’s “Flip this House”
in the Atlanta Area from November 11th – 13th, 2011

Dear Friend,

Do you want to take advantage of one of the best times in history to make money buying and selling distressed Real Estate right here in the Atlanta area?

Would you like to learn how to invest in real estate in the next 60 days flipping properties even if you have no money and zero experience? How would it feel if you could do this month after month, like clockwork, because you spent just a few days learning a Real Estate business model that has made millions of dollars for people around the country?

If, you answered yes, the “Real Estate Insiders Summit” is being held in the Atlanta area. This is a one time event!

This exclusive event has sessions designed for beginners and seasoned professionals who have been in the business for decades.

As you know the Real Estate market has drastically changed over the past three years and it is vitally important that everyone understand that techniques that worked even just a few years ago have become totally obsolete. That’s why this SUMMIT is so important to your future success.

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Here Are the Sessions Taking Place at The Summit

Quick Turn Real Estate “Fast Money” Sessions:

We will hold several sessions where you will learn how to flip real estate properties in the next 30 to 60 days for quick cash just by finding good deals and selling them to other investors. More specifically, we will show you a “Wholesaling Business Model” where you can easily flip 4 to 10 deals a month without needing any of your own money or credit.

REO/Pre-Foreclosure Investing Sessions:

Bank owned REO properties and pre-foreclosure properties are at all time highs across the country which makes it one of the best times in history to invest in these deals. At the event we will have several sessions on how to navigate and make money buying and selling REO & Pre-Foreclosure properties. We will go through how even new investors can profit very quickly from properties that in many areas are being sold at pennies on the dollar.

Rehabbing & Commercial Development & Financing Real Estate Sessions:

We will have several what we call “Big Money” strategy sessions where you will learn how to successfully buy and rehab residential and commercial real estate even if you have no money, credit, or previous experience. We will also show you how to line up financing for your deals through existing private money lenders who will loan money even to people with no experience and bad credit. Likewise, we will also show you how to get a list of ALL the existing private money lenders in your area.

Buy & Hold Real Estate Sessions:

Everyone knows Real Estate has been historically America’s #1 Wealth builder. Well, what most people don’t know is that most Millionaire real estate investors built their wealth by strategically buying and holding CASH-FLOWING properties for the long term. At the event we will have three intensive sessions showing you properties that you can pick up within seven days that cash flow. Likewise, many of these properties can be bought from between $30,000 and $70,000 dollars and they all have equity. Many of our past attendees have built up passive income streams with these cash flow properties.

Asset Protection Sessions:

In addition to giving you a FREE LLC just for attending we are also going to have a few sessions where you will learn how to protect all your current and future investments. The average person gets sued three times in their lifetime so these sessions are vital. We will show you how to make yourself invisible to creditors and other predatory people by properly incorporating yourself. You will learn how to build wealth at this conference and in these sessions you will learn how to protect it.

Tax Strategy & IRA Investment Sessions:

Imagine how you will feel after we show you how to save tens of thousands of dollars each year on your taxes just by making a few simple changes to how you invest. In fact, many people will realize how much they are overpaying the government each year and how easy it is to buy and sell real estate 100% tax free. Be prepared!

Networking Sessions:

Our events are always phenomenal networking opportunities as some of the most successful local investors and real estate professionals will be in attendance. All successful investors know that relationships are in integral part of building wealth. At the event we will have designated times to network with other investors, lenders, Realtors, mortgage brokers, and other professionals that can help grow your business.

The Real Estate Insiders Summit
November 11th – 13th, 2011
Atlanta Marriott Northwest
200 Interstate North Parkway Southeast
Atlanta, GA 30339

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“Three months after attending the workshop, I was able to close my first real estate deal! Without your training and guidance, that would not have happened”
– Steve Hall

The Only Real Estate Conference Where We Bring the Discounted Real Estate Directly to You!

The smartest investors are making millions of dollars from properties they are acquiring directly from the banks and large institutional investors for literally pennies on the dollar. At the event we will introduce you to our direct bank and institutional investor contacts so you can start buying properties directly from them like we do.

We are bringing 30+ properties to the EVENT that all cash flow!

At the event we have invited in two of the largest institutional investors with ACTUAL heavily discounted properties for sale. We are currently buying these deals at insanely low prices between $20,000 to $75,000 dollars. The best part is they are ALL drastically under market value and are currently Cash Flowing.

These are the groups WE are buying directly from every single month. These are turn-key cash flowing properties. The best part is we are picking these deals up in good areas and will show you how you can easily finance them even if you don’t have a lot of money.

These are not properties you are going to find by calling your local Realtor or showing up at the Foreclosure Auctions. These deals are much better and completely turn key where you won’t even have to deal with the day to day management. Just collect the rental check each month or flip it to another investor for a big profit!

Learn From The Pro’s Who Actually Buy and Sell across the country!

We currently have an office in San Diego, CA and are buying and selling all over the country. It’s good to know that you will not only have the chance to look at some highly discounted deals at the conference, but you will also be learning from a team of pro’s who have created a step-by-step “franchise like” system for buying and selling multiple properties a month without using any of your own money. This year, Than’s company, was also voted to be the #1 Educational company in the country by Inc. Magazine based on their students success.

They currently have students from around the country who now run high six figure and seven figure Real Estate businesses due to their systems. This business model is perfect for anyone who wants to work either part time or full time and NEEDS to make some quick cash in the next few months.

If you want to drastically improve your financial situation then you MUST attend this exclusive event. You will be SHOCKED at how little time it takes to make BIG money doing real estate deals modeling Than Merrill’s real estate business.

Asset Protection & Tax Sessions taught by #1 Real Estate Investor Attorney Jeff Watson

We are proud to announce that, Jeff Watson, one of the nations top Real Estate investment attorneys will be conducting some of the sessions at the “Insiders Summit.”

Jeff, who is a very successful Real Estate investor himself, is widely recognized as the foremost expert in the changing pre-foreclosure and short sale laws. He currently advises lobbyist’s in Washington who lobby on behalf of creative Real Estate investors like ourselves.

Jeff will also be conducting sessions at the event where he will show you how to create a literal financial fortress around your Real Estate investments. Asset protection is a very serious topic and Jeff will show you exactly how to protect yourself from lawsuits, unnecessary taxes, and other potential threats.

It is a pleasure to have Jeff Watson’s speak at this conference and will be a real treat for everyone in attendance.

“I attended a FortuneBuilders event a year and a half ago and by far that is what took my rehabbing business to the next level. Since attending the event my rehabbing business has easily made an extra $300K in profit!”
– Jim Huntzicker, Schaumburg, IL – Yellow Star Properties

Free Gifts Just for Attending!

Bonus #1: FREE Business Credit Homestudy System and FREE Private Business Credit Consultation -$399 Value: Everyone who attends the event will receive the “Business Credit Homestudy System” which will teach you how you can get funding and business credit for your Real Estate business. You will also get a free one on one consultation with a business credit coach.

Bonus #2: Flipping Houses Start Up Guide DVD Package: Every attendee will receive our “Flipping Houses Start Up Guide DVD Package” which shows you in a step-by-step manner the best way to get started flipping properties without using any of your own money.

Cash & Prize Giveaways!!

We will be giving away thousands of dollars worth of cash and prizes each day at the event to some lucky attendees. Don’t miss out on your chance to take home some serious cash and prizes.

The Real Estate Insiders Summit
November 11th – 13th, 2011
Atlanta Marriott Northwest
200 Interstate North Parkway Southeast
Atlanta, GA 30339

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The Event has a room capacity of 200 people
This exclusive Real Estate Summit & Pre-Auction Event has extremely limited seating. You and one other person may register at this time. If you are not one of the initial 200 registrants you will be notified via email and your name will be put on the waiting list.

My team looks forward to meeting you at the event!

Than Merrill

P.S. – If you have business cards definitely bring them to the Summit as there will be a lot of networking opportunities.



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