19th Annual Advanced Strategies Conference on March 16 & 17, 2013

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2013 Advanced Strategies Conference

Co-sponsored by Atlanta REIA

Dyches BoddifordCome see why prior attendees keep coming back to this conference. Each year we pick new topics and enhance prior topics that provide practical solutions to investor situations. Our topics for the 19th Annual Advanced Strategies Conference will be Income & Estate Tax changes, Title Law and Real Estate Options. This year promises to be better than ever. We have even invited special guest experts to cover some advanced concepts.

Each year we begin the conference with a detailed overview of the economic and political issues that will affect your investments and business transactions. This will include, but is not limited to:

  • Washington Update of changes and opportunities in the tax law
  • Avoiding the new 0.9% and 3.8% Medicare taxes
  • Current State of the Market
  • Political and Market Forecast
  • What the new administration could mean for you and your investments

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Title Law & Real Estate Options

Title is a legal term for a bundle of rights in a piece of property in which a party owns a legal and/or an equitable interest. These ownership rights may be separated and held by different parties. Ownership of a title is distinct from possession, a right that often accompanies ownership but is not necessarily sufficient to prove it. We will cover elements of title every real estate investor should know and more. A good knowledge of title can help you make deals that an uneducated investor would be afraid to touch.

For example, just a few of the topics we plan to cover in detail include:

  • Different Ownership Forms
  • Life Estate with Remainderman
  • Reversionary Interests
  • Who really owns your home?
  • Lien theory vs. Title theory states
  • Allodial Title
  • Nominee Ownership
  • Statute of Frauds
  • Quiet Title
  • Where does title come from?
  • Inchoate rights
  • Homestead
  • Chain of Title
  • Easements
  • Adverse Possession
  • & much more!

Pete FortunatoPlus, Pete Fortunato and Dyches will discuss a greatly underused tool of the real estate investor, the Option. An option is the right, but not the obligation, to buy at a predetermined price (the strike price) withing a specified period of time. Both the technical issues and numerous examples will be discussed.

  • Options vs. Sales Contracts
  • Income tax treatment
  • Options in 1031 Exchanges
  • Deal vs. Investor Options
  • Calls & Puts
  • Securing an Option
  • Options associated with leases
  • & much more!

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Maximizing Retirement Benefits

Another topic we will be covering in detail is practical retirement planning issues for the real estate investor. Investors often have a hard time finding accountants and attorneys that are well versed in advanced retirement planning techniques–they just regurgitate the basics. The topics covered will not only be appropriate for your planning, but will help in planning for your parents and other family members.

Keep MORE of your hard-earned dollars and properly manage your investments for a secure retirement.

Special guest Cameron Galway will begin our retirement planning discussion with topics such as – when to take Social Security, is Medicare Supplemental or Medicare Advantage worthwhile, what does Medicaid and Medigap insurance cover, and more. This will not just be a dry discussion of the programs, but specific strategies and techniques to maximize your benefits.

Decreasing net worth and recent changes in Social Security law have caused a greater need for successful retirement planning. But where do you begin? The past ease and simplicity of Social Security and Medicare planning has given way to new realities and current complexities. With so much at stake and with so much misinformation passing as truth by the financial media, it is difficult to know what choices to make to best prepare for your maximum retirement income. Here are some important topics we’ll cover:

  • At what age should you begin taking Social Security income?
  • How to increase your Social Security payment by 6 – 76%.
  • Is it advantageous to save Social Security withholding for family members in your business because they don’t have taxable income?
  • What impact does increasing or decreasing your taxable income a few years before taking Social Security have on your total future Social Security income?
  • What are Social Security Dependents Benefits? Social Security Survivors Benefits?
  • In choosing between Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement, which one provides you the greater benefit and why?
  • Case studies will be analyzed as time permits.

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Mark your calendar for these dates and sign up immediately for this year’s conference. You won’t be disappointed.

Note: Investors from across the country continually attend this annual event. Don’t miss this excellent networking opportunity! Meet other investors like you and learn from their experience and insights.

You are now a Target!

When you own very little, you are not a target. But once you begin to build assets, there will always be someone, somewhere, at some time, who believes he has a right to your assets. The assets that you worked long and hard for. Even the taxman wants more when we earn more. You will gain insights on methods others can use to separate you from your hard earned dollars and assets, then how to legally protect yourself.

Should you attend?

This Conference can be beneficial for any level of real estate investor, but more importantly for those who have experience with investments. The information provided during this weekend would cost you several thousand dollars elsewhere. How do we know? Because these experts are regularly paid thousands in private consultations for the same information. But you can attend for a fraction because we want to give every investor the chance to attend this event and benefit from it. I intentionally do not want the cost of this information to hinder anyone from attending.

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Don’t wait until it’s too late! – Learn the strategies that can help you TODAY to better prepare for your future!

You’ll gain valuable information that will enable you to protect your income, assets and even acquire new investment strategies for the next pivotal year. And remember, this information can help in planning for your parents as well as other family members. Don’t wait until it’s too late!

Please Note: The Conference manual is only available to attendees of this event and will not be offered for sale after this event. This conference provides information that will give you an edge on your competition and Uncle Sam. You will gain insights on methods others can use to separate you from your hard earned dollars and assets, then how to legally protect yourself.

“After the Advanced Strategies class, we took one idea we learned about insurance and saved over $3,300.00 in one year on our insurance coverage for our properties and car. Thank you very much!! We look forward to this year’s conference for more exciting information!” Steve and Peggy Parks, Lawrenceville, GA

Techniques covered in this event are the same as those covered in the $2,500 to $10,000 seminars attended by real estate professionals, doctors and lawyers. Once each year, they are available to you at a more reasonable investment when I present this Conference. You can pay now or pay a lot more later in private consultation with any of the experts at this event. Why not make the right choice and invest now to be prepared in the coming years?

“EXCELLENT! The most valuable things about this class is not only learning what’s new and understanding the techniques, but also developing smart strategies to maximize income and build wealth. Excellent!” Marlene Green, Jersey City, NJ

After you attend the Advanced Strategies Conference, you’ll understand why so many re-attend this event. Each year you will be armed with new, advanced strategies that will enable you to protect your assets from Uncle Sam and others seeking deep pockets and you’ll learn new strategies to leverage your current investment business.

ATTEND FREE! Bring two people who have never been to a weekend event sponsored by Dyches and you attend FREE! Simply sign up with them. Or let us know by the contact page on our web site, fax or by mail who will be registering with us before they sign up. Take advantage of this great deal while it is available!


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Join the other informed investors that attend each year to arm themselves with the latest tactics and strategies to earn more, keep more, and protect what you have!

Conference begins at 9:00 AM and ends at 5:00 PM each day.
Registration begins 8:30 AM on Saturday.
Pre-registration ends 03/11/2013

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