Using the iPad to Evaluate & Structure Deals with Don DeRosa

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Don DerosaThis Thursday, October 20th at 7PM ET on the Atlanta REIA Training Opportunity Webcast, Don DeRosa will take the coolest tech tool out there – the iPad – and walk through step-by-step, how to use it to evaluate and structure real estate deals with the greatest of ease.

Don’s going to walk through two of his recent deals and cover:

  • How he got the lead
  • How he evaluated the deal
  • How he decided whether it was a buy and hold, or a fix and flip
  • How he determined his repairs, and captured them for competitive bids
  • How he determined how much he could offer
  • How he negotiated with the seller
  • How much he’ll make on it
  • and much more!

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…all the things you need to know to get a deal done right in this market.

Webcast on iPad with Don DerosaDon will also share the iPad apps he used – both “out of the box” from the Apple store, and those he tweaked a bit (he’ll show you how he tweaked ’em to make them powerful investor tools), to see whether he had a buyer lined up already, to track determine repairs, and ultimately to get the contract done – on site – absolutely paperless! It’s just too cool!

This is a Training Opportunity Webcast you won’t want to miss. Whether you use an iPad or not, you’ll get some great, current, local real estate education, tips, and insights from an expert, right in our own backyard, who always shares a ton of his knowledge. Learn where he’s buying and why – so you can cash in on the amazing deals right here in your market. Register Now!

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