Training Opportunity Webcast on Negotiation Tactics with Russ Hiner on Sept 13th at 7PM

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Russ HinerThis newly scheduled Training Opportunity Webcast with Russ Hiner on “Nuclear Negotiation Tactics” on September 13th at 7PM. This FREE webcast training is especially important for anybody who has ever felt that they’ve left money on the table when negotiating a deal. This webcast training will teach you to improve your negotiation style and skills so you can respond better during critical negotiations. You will benefit from this special webcast training whether you have years of sales experience or are a newbie. You’ll discover how easy it is to effectively persuade and create new opportunities for all parties involved. Register for the Webcast Now!

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Here is some of of the topics Russ will cover on the webcast as time allows:

  • How to turn an adversary, foe or opponent into an “Xponent”
  • The number one reasons why people will not power negotiate
  • What you as the power negotiator need to know about your opponent’s goals and position
  • How to do due diligence on your opponent
  • How to power negotiate face-to-face
  • Where you get your “power” in power negotiations
  • How much to change your price during power negotiations
  • How to work with concessions and break deadlocks
  • How to be firm without being forceful
  • And much more… Register for the Webcast Now!

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