Stop Working So Hard To Find Good Deals

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Marketing Webcast with Kathy Kennebrook

Stop Working So Hard To Find Good DealsHey Everyone, we’ve had an opportunity to find out even more about Kathy Kennebrook’s amazing marketing system. You don’t want to miss this incredible webcast on Thursday, March 1st at 7PM ET. It could make a huge difference in your profits this year!

Kathy is going to cover some amazing strategies to help you crank up your buying machine and automatically schedule and manage all of the direct mail campaigns she uses to find highly qualified motivated sellers and buyers for her properties.

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Kathy KennebrookKathy is also going to talk about how she gets her sellers to provide her with all of the information she needs before she ever contacts them. This gives her an incredible advantage in determining whether or not there is a deal to be made and whether or not she even wants to follow up with the seller. This one strategy will save you hours of wasted pre-screening time each month.

She is even going to show you how to never miss a potential deal by staying on track with your follow up with these prospective sellers. Good follow up alone can increase your income ten fold this year!

Plus… She is going to show you how to create and manage your buyers list so you can run your real estate investing business on auto-pilot. She is going to explain how you can put deals together and profit quickly by keeping a ready list of wholesale and retail buyers just waiting to give you their money! This one nugget of information alone is worth your time to participate in this life changing webcast.

Your very survival in the real estate market depends on your taking action now… so join us on this incredible webcast on Thursday, March 1st at 7PM.

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