Webcast Replay: Don’t Delay and Throw Your Cash Away, Appeal Your Property Tax Today!

Posted on June 28, 2012 by

LaGaylia ApplebyOn June 21, 2012 we did a special Business Opportunity Webcast with Atlanta REIA Business Member, LaGaylia Appleby of Real Estate Works 4 U! LaGaylia and her company works diligently to lower property taxes for both homeowners and real estate investors across the Atlanta Metro Area. She’s got many tips and techniques to share with us on how we can go about lowering our property taxes legally, ethically, and honestly. By working within the laws and guidelines of our government agencies, she’s been able to save her customers thousands of dollars on their annual property taxes.

On the webcast, LaGaylia will cover:

  • Why you should still appeal when your property tax has already been lowered?
  • Appeal Process
  • Appeal Deadlines
  • Property Tax Strategies

Watch the webcast replay and let LaGaylia show you how to lower your property taxes and lock in the lower rates for years!

Watch Webcast Below…
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