Evening with an Expert Webcast with Real Estate Attorney John Maurer

Posted on September 22, 2010 by

Hey everyone! I am excited to announce that we are launching our new Evening with a Real Estate Expert Webcast on September 22nd, 2010 at 7PM ET via GoToWebinar.com with our special guest and my good friend and real estate attorney, John Maurer. John brings to the table twelve years of real estate experience with a specialty in investor services. John has handled all aspects of real estate transactions from conventional loans to hard money deals. He has done short sales, back to back closings, wrap mortgages, owner financing and dealt with non-closing real estate litigation including foreclosures, evictions and the creation of various contracts including rental contracts and lease purchases.

On our webcast, John will be hitting some of the highlights of the new investor market landscape. He will answer questions about the SAFE Act and how it relates to both Short Sales and Owner Financing. He will discuss back-to-back transactions, both general and as part of a short sale. He will discuss issues regarding financing and seasoning. Don’t miss your change to get your questions answered by John Maurer on our first ever, Evening with an Expert Webcast! Register for the Webcast Now!

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