Are You and Your Small Business Taxed Enough Already?

Posted on October 15, 2012 by

When it comes to creating small businesses, some may say “You didn’t build that”, but any small business owner knows the blood, sweat and tears they put into their growing small business with or without the governments assistance or intrusion. Those same bureaucrats say that small business owners and anyone else they label as being “rich” need to “pay their fair share” and that it is “unpatriotic” to do otherwise. The more you and your small business make, the more the bureaucrats in Washington want to take. Well, if you feel you and your small business are taxed enough already, there is good news… as complicated and burdensome as our tax code has become for citizens and businesses alike, there are many legal and ethical ways avoid paying unnecessary taxes that were put into place by these very same bureaucrats.

Patrick JamesJoin us on Thursday, October 16th at 7PM for a special Business Opportunity Webcast on “99 ways to beat the IRS!” with Patrick James, the President and CEO of Tax Strategies and Solutions, Inc., who has dedicated his entire career to helping people and small businesses create and preserve wealth through knowledge. For over 10 years, Patrick has traveled the country teaching tens of thousands of people how the tax code really works and what they can do to minimize their tax burden by taking advantage of every possible tax deduction in order to minimize tax liabilities and maximize tax deductions.

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So why not take advantage of these tax saving strategies, and make the tax code work for you instead of against you? If you would like to learn how to help your family and your small business by avoiding paying unnecessary taxes, this is definitely a webcast you don’t want to miss. Register Now!

To learn more about how Patrick and his business have helped other small business owners, read “Tax This! It’s Your Money, Not the IRS’s!”


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