Peter Pasternack’s Atlanta Real Estate Connections Networking Event Was Awesome!

Posted on September 10, 2010 by

Peter Pasternack & Dustin Griffin at Real Estate Connections AtlantaLast night at 6:00 PM, Peter Pasternack, a very nice gentleman I met on Facebook recently who happens to be Atlanta’s very own “Flip This House” guy, hosted a very prestigious, upscale networking event called “Real Estate Connections” for Atlanta real estate professionals. The event took place at a trendy sushi bar and lounge called the MF Room located at the base of Terminus Tower in Buckhead.

The cost of this networking event was $20 at the door or in advance. Earlier in the day I overheard a few other investors muttering “I’m not going to pay $20 for a networking event… that’s crazy!” Well, needless to say, these gentlemen did not attend Peter’s most excellent event and boy did they miss out. I didn’t do a head count, but there were at least 100+ serious real estate investors and professionals there who were dressed to the  nines in business attire, looking sharp and ready to make connections and talk business. The $20 at the door not only helped pay for the space, the free hors d’ oeuvres being circulated throughout the evening and the complimentary valet parking, but it also seemed to attract a higher energy, more positive, success driven crowd who was not afraid to stick out their hand, introduce themselves and offer their friendship and services. Many of the whiner and wannabe investors who aren’t doing deals right now were nowhere to be found.

I talked to Peter about his purpose for holding such a prestigious event and he cited his mission statement… “To facilitate a positive atmosphere where real estate professionals and real estate related industries can join forces to network and share ideas and strategies.” Peter wanted to create a high energy, positive environment where we can all make “real estate connections” and have fun doing it. I too share Peter’s same passion and purpose and created Late Nite Networking for Real Estate Professionals back in January 2010 as a result. But I must say I got “schooled” last night because Peter took the concept to a whole new level, inspired me to dramatically improve our own Atlanta REIA and Late Nite Networking Events, and gave me some positive tips and advise to do just that. Thank you Peter!

I made some REALLY GOOD contacts at the event and got the additional inspiration I needed to take our own REIA group to the next level and beyond. That’s what happens when you network with other positive, high energy, like minded individuals… it starts to rub off on you and get you re-energized, re-focused and ready to take on any challenge. Thank you again Peter and company for the invitation and the great networking event. I look forward to attending your future networking events and will recommend them all of our members, friends and guests. Keep up the great work and let us know if there is anything we can do to help promote your future events!


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