The Creative Deal Structuring Group Meets May 7, 2014

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Wed, May 7th @ 6:30 PM in Atlanta, GA
The Creative Deal Structuring Group
Learn All About Creative Deal Structuring with Russ Hiner

Russ HinerCome join us at CDS on Wednesday, May 7th at 6:30PM at Craftbuilt Offices located at 644 Antone St Suite 10, in Atlanta, where active real estate investor, mentor, coach and regular article contributor to Atlanta REIA’s The Profit, Russ Hiner, will show you 3 real examples of deals he has done using creative deal structuring. Creative Deal Structuring is used when the “normal” methods of buying properties will not work in a win-win situation.

As you should know, there is always more than one way to structure a real estate transaction. The way investors do it is with “Alternative Strategies”. Attendees will learn many of these alternative strategies and know when, where and how to apply them as needed. Applied wisely, you can acquire as many great investment properties as you can get your hands on without ever having to use your own cash or credit.

We will be looking at 3 real-life examples of properties I have done. You will also get a handout that will show you how to push, pull and squeeze to make a great deal! You will know there are great ways to make sure the owner gets what they need and put money into your pocket.

You will learn:

  • How To Look At Opportunities For Profit
  • How To Structure The Deals For Maximum Profit
  • How To Perform Quick Due Diligence
  • How To Do A Deal On An Upside Down House
  • Where You Can Push Negotiations
  • Any much, much more…

Door Fees are: Atlanta REIA members $3. Non-Members $5 per person. Seating is limited! Get there early!

CDS is a group about creative deal structuring and how to apply it in your everyday life and business. If you’re looking to obtain tools, get knowledge, and feel better about structuring real estate transactions for profit, then the Creative Deal Structuring Group is the right group for you.

CDS is led by Russ Hiner. Russ is currently focusing on the need for his experience in assisting people who face “the people business” issues everyday to get a resolution and “real life” solutions. Russ is also on of the leaders for the Atlanta Homebuyers Society. He is also a sought-after keynote speaker and trainer of sales and communication skills.

Please join us on the 1st Wednesday of each month at Craftbuilt Offices located at 644 Antone St. Suite 10 in Atlanta.


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