Scott Scheel is Our Guest Speaker for Our Main Meeting Feb 7th

Posted on February 2, 2011 by

Scott ScheelI am very excited to announce that my good friend, Scott Scheel, is going to be our guest speaker at our Atlanta REIA Main Meeting on February 7, 2011 at the W Hotel Atlanta Perimeter located at 111 Perimeter Center West in Atlanta across the street from Perimeter Mall. Many of you have heard me say that I met Scott about 10 years ago at my first Ron LeGrand “Ugly House” boot camp where Scott and I were both attending as students. Since then we became very good friends and Scott has gone on to become a very successful commercial real estate investor and has trained thousands of other investors across the country to do the same.

In the last 10 years he has bought or partnered on Commercial Properties worth in excess of $150,000,000. In last 22 months of investing alone, he has generated over $100,000,000 in cash and profits using other people’s money!

On February 7th, Scott will teach you how to take your investment career to the next level expanding into the ultra profitable world of Commercial Real Estate. Scott will share the little known secrets that allow anybody to invest in Commercial Real Estate:

  • How to successfully invest in Commercial Real Estate even if you have no money, credit, or previous experience
  • The positive cash flow can be absolutely staggering – and the best part is that it’s true “PASSIVE” income!
  • When the residential markets are down, the smart money is in Commercial Real Estate
  • How to pull out six-figure checks and still own the property with a positive cash flow!
  • Learn how to profit from the coming real estate bubble burst!
  • Find out the 7 Things every successful investor must do
  • Learn the 9 strategic paths to cash in Commercial Real Estate
  • 5 Key strategies for finding million dollar deals on your first try
  • Make 6 figure checks when you BUY… and 7 figures when you sell
  • How to have more seller financed deals coming your way than you could ever do in an entire career in just 30 days
  • How to correctly evaluate commercial properties

W Hotel Atlanta PerimeterBe sure to clear your calendar for Feb 7th and attend our Atlanta REIA Main Meeting at the W Hotel Atlanta Perimeter starting at 5:30 PM and get to know Scott personally. You will be glad you did!


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