Learn How To Get Your Lease Purchase/Options Sold

Posted on September 14, 2011 by

Creative Financing Group (CFG)This month at our Creative Financing Group (CFG) meeting on Wednesday, September 14th at 6:30 PM at Champps in Alpharetta, mortgage expert Jim Duffy (frequently heard on John Adams real estate investment radio show) will teach you how to get your Lease Purchase/Options sold.

Remember what Mark Durham taught you about SELLING Lease Purchase/Options:

  • If you want to actually get your properties sold, you need to have a good mortgage person qualify you’re tenant/buyer prospects up front so you’ll know if they will be able to get approved for a mortgage in the near future.
  • If you want to actually get your properties sold, you need to have a good mortgage person work with you’re tenant/buyers throughout the lease term to make sure they actually do get approved for a mortgage.

At this month’s Creative Financing Group meeting, Jim will teach you:

  • How to screen tenant/buyers
  • How to work with tenant/buyers to make sure they get approved for a mortgage

Jim says: “Credit scores have become all-important in qualifying buyers to actually purchase a home. It can mean the difference between closing on a successful lease/purchase option, and watching the once enthusiastic tenants move out and leave a home that needs repairs and to be marketed to a new tenant.”

Jim Duffy and his team have developed a system to help these tenants successfully become homeowners; and the landlord to successfully close on that investment, and be ready to pick up more investments and keep growing their money.

And Jim will be here with us to share how he takes the time and effort to work with the tenants to raise their credit score and close on the home loan with them. Why, you may ask, does Jim and his team, take this time to work with folks to improve credit, when most other lenders will not? Simple… “Because if I don’t, someone else will. And I want to close that home loan”, says Jim.

I hope that you can make the meeting tomorrow evening, 6:30pm at Champps off Mansell and Northpont Parkway.


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