Jeff Kaller Will Show You How To Fill Your Money Funnel at Atlanta REIA on June 6, 2011

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Jeff KallerAt our next Atlanta REIA Main Meeting on June 6th we are excited to feature the original founding father of today’s short sale techniques, Mr. Jeff Kaller. He has promised to share the refined plan he uses to turn over One Billion Dollars in negotiated short sale deals into his collective network. Don’t let the numbers scare you, he plans to lay out a blue print for how you can fill your deal pipeline (he calls it his money funnel) with productive deals that will produce cash. It’s the same techniques that he used to save over one million homeowners from the perils of foreclosure.

The strategies are simple,cost effective, and produce amazing results. Jeff will show you fully automated lead generation campaigns that find hard to locate homeowners who yield big profits. He also uses a virtual team of assistants to mine data and is willing to share scripts, letters and strategies he uses in his brokerage office in St Augustine to drive calls into his office. He was recognized by the local Atlanta media as the country’s most influential person in short sales and you can see an interview done by a local station on the registration page.

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Bottom line is that he and his marketing team are gonna show you how they generate many leads fast and consistently. They provide automated services to deploy letters, list broker contacts and skip tracing ( did you know that right now there are 5,300 pre-NOD’s in Gwinnett County ALONE?!). And you will have access to this list so you can get transactions to list and buy before the masses and the short time frame that we have here in Georgia.

There is a direct correlation to the number of deals you will close to the number of deals you can put into your deal funnel. Because Jeff owns a real estate brokerage in St Augustine Florida he has promised to make sure that all realtors who attend get a special treat for lead generation techniques and how to effectively work with investors to maximize your commissions while eliminating your risk. He will share a special way that licensed professions can share in commissions with a national network all with one license!!

In addition, there is a huge income stream that is available to all of you for helping homeowners with foreclosure defense by sending our loan audit team all the leads you CANNOT close as an additional way to monetizee your marketing budget. You will quickly recognize that after 17 years Jeff and his team have it wired together. This is the most complete blueprint you can find to get cash in your account quickly. Jeff has also provided several great videos on the registration page on how to use this strategy to make large sums of money and even live in your own house for free for up to two years. Crazy new cutting-edge strategies that are not taught by others. This is because Jeff has continually pioneered the defaulted distress homeowner industry by helping Realtors, investors and most of all, homeowners work together to find win/win solutions for all parties.

Jeff will be speaking at our Atlanta REIA Main Meeting on Monday June 6th. Then he will return to do a 2 day “Marketing Extravaganza” Boot Camp on June 17th and 18th. At this 2 day training he will provide an astounding 390 page systems manual that spells out exactly what you need to do to get your deals located, mitigated and sold through his network of short sale friendly Realtors. This is an event you cannot afford to miss. Because it’s Father’s day weekend the event will be Friday and Saturday. I highly recommended you block the Monday night meeting on June 6th, and also the weekend boot camp to maximize your learning experience. There are ZERO OUTSIDE SPEAKERS – AND THIS IS NOT A SELLATHON EVENT so you can relax, and come ready to learn.

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There are 4 videos that are loaded up on the registration page that tell all so you can be prepared and see just how real this one time event is going to be and why missing it is simply not an option.

We will see you at our Atlanta REIA Main Meeting with Jeff on Monday, June 6 at 5:30 PM at the W Hotel Perimeter located at 111 Perimeter Center West (map)!

PS. By popular demand Jeff is doing several hot seats at the event where he examines your biggest Real Estate challenges and gives real time solutions right there Johnny on the spot! Too much to list here so register now as we have a small room and cannot expand. Jeff’s event in Orlando last week was completely full with not an empty seat in the house. If you like content this event is for you.


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